Match day - ANZAC Day 2023

How much do we miss Merrett

I did as soon as they hit the front.

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■■■■■■■ useless

Davey and Menzies nothing

Watching and drinking with a room of (mostly) Collingwood fans.

They said at the start of the last quarter: “You’re playing too well, you’ll win”

My reply? “You clearly don’t know us”

This is gut wrenching. Well played to Collingwood but this was so predictable. I would have preferred to be trailing all day and lose by 2-3 goals than lose in this fashion - again!

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So many of our players slip over at the worst possible time.

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Not fit enough. Not good enough with disposal.

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I just hissed at my cat and told him to fark off. This is what they do to me.

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Weak as fkg ■■■■. No one wanted the ball and no wanted to tackle

I don’t know if it’s showing on TV, but Menzie is sooo messy.

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If Weed had kicked that goal.

Sliding doors moment that one.


I thought at 3 qtr time this club just knows how to rip your heart out.

Menzie can never play again.


■■■■ and we have Geelong in a few days.

Literally allowed them to double their score in 1 quarter and win the game.

Menzie needs a week off I think. Really really poor today.

I feel so sad.


you almost fooled us essendon.


Twice. He has ruined two forward attacks

Fk me Menzie

Davey esp miiillleeeessss off it unfortunately


Going to be 10 goals if we’re lucky.

We are so painfully slow to get boot to ball.