Match Day Thread - Rd 1 2023 v Hawks

No matter how negative I am to the build up, match day and match day threads get my hopes up. Go Bombers.


you think you need carrotsalad but carrotsalad just hides the pain the wont truly address.

Rd 1 ‘Line in the Sand’ game for us today. If we’re down at half time, then just go the knuckle at start of the 3rd.

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Snelling is playing VFL

Walla and Mass are not

I’m not sure team is 100% settled as named though. They’d be giving Heppell and Langford every chance to prove themselves but could easily see one of those miss.


About 4 hours until the first bounce and I’m already angry.


From yesterday for those who missed it.

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Not getting my hopes up.

Dylan Shiel’s 200th, and you all know how we play milestone games…


OH NO WE’RE ■■■■■■

I’m depressed. First game used to excite me, now feeling scared about the season to come.

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Whats happened? Why are you yelling? Another injury?

Why so serious

Anything but a win is lip service

All I can say is, let’s just see how the boys go hey.
Either we win and we’re happy cause ■■■■ Hawthorn.
Or we lose and the reality of the process and journey Scott is going to take us through sinks just a little bit further in.

You and your hippy…eh…‘friend’ were a bit kinky, yeah?

Sitting at strathmore station. Not all that enthused to be honest. Surprised if we win.

At least going to the G gets me out of domestic duties for the day.


Once that ball is bounced you’ll all be excited as a kid under the Christmas tree.

What you’ll be 5 minutes later… well that’s another story.


I fully intended to go to this one. I don’t usually miss first games.
But…I’m almost certain I’ll wind up behind bars, so I’m staying safe at home.


you need to take Patrick Bombers to the grog squad today @Finding_Nino

You have a seat and shade. Surely that’s all a fan could ask for?


Bit poor not to be excited for a new “first kick is a goal” member.