Match Day Thread - Rd 16 vs Norf (The Non-Rivalry)

Up early and pondering today’s game.

You know when a team plays out of their skins for most of the season and are sitting higher on the ladder than expected. There is that inevitable let down moment when it all comes crashing down to earth.

Geez I hope that’s today and we flog these no hopers. Simultaneously truly beginning the end to their season and the rise of ours.

Am also bringing the whole family along and want to continue the kids Essendon education with a good win.

Fark Norf! This is going to be our time! Fire up!
Bombers by 10 goals!


I hope you’re right.

Sometimes there are also times when a team seems to be playing out of their skins for the whole season and then at some point there is a game when everyone realises they’re not playing out of their skins, that’s just their level. Hopefully today isn’t that day for them

norf supporters are just as nervous about essendon supporters for this one I’d think.

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% Booster coming up


I think they’re just an average side playing above themselves.
After we beat them by 28pts today (104 - 76), they will struggle to retain their spot in the 8, possibly finishing on 12 wins…maybe 13.

Waite is 35
Thompson 32
Goldy and Higgins are 30

Even Robbie Tarrant is 29.

They are incapable of big name signings.
Brad Scott can EAGBBOD’s !


Well played sir claps hands

You sound lid on, get some lid off in your life. :wink:

It might be our last chance this year. :sweat:

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Dons by 74.


No concerns here IMO.
I’m highly confident we will have this game done and dusted by half time.
North are pretenders, Brown is nothin’.
Bombers by 25+ and will continue to progress up the ladder and into finals, winning them all including the flag for 2018.

Ok that escalated a little quickly…



Remember when they were top of the ladder in 2016, kept us goaless for a half and then we still nearly beat them?

I like the idea that it was a mini ‘line in the sand game’ for us, and we don’t lose to these povo farks for like 10+ years.


It’s a glorious day for footy.
Shame the game’s not at the 'G.
And a shame I’m working.

I might just add the beers are cold and delicious.

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Let’s beat these AFL handout subsidised scrubs.


This week and next week are both good chances to firstly keep our momentum, and secondly make some ground on our rivals for spots in the eight. Knock Norf off today and upset Collingwood next week and then go for % against the Suns and things could really open up for us.

But lets start by putting Norf back their box this afternoon.

Funky guitar tuning


What’s the deal? Is the roof open or closed today?



I’m so nervous about this game because I want to win it so badly.

Went over onto the BigFooty North board and most seem supremely confident about winning today. I’m hoping the team has the same false sense of confidence too.

We managed to beat them last year but I actually feel our form now is much better than we when faced them last year.