Match Review: Essendon monsters St Kilda


Watch daniher never take another speccy again if they allow that. It's an important rule that isn't umpired well at times


Hasn’t been offered a contract for next year yet according to something I briefly heard on the radio today.


Shouldn't be surprised.


He's been good for a few games here and there. Still their best forward. Will be his last though. He can barely jump.


Is Carlisle pouting again?


Ok...I've seen a number of times a player is just caught in-between and still penalised...anyhow, Joe will just jump over the blocker.


Coaches votes:

10 Zach Merrett (Ess) 5/5
7 Joe Daniher (Ess) 4/3 (assumption/deductions from here on)
4 Tom Bellchambers (Ess) 4/0
4 David Zaharakis (Ess) 3/1
3 James Kelly (Ess) 2/1
2 Michael Hurley (Ess) 0/2


or this.


Looked like a 20 year old the week before.


He was playing on a dud tho.


Only just watching the game now. On the radio (and after the game, and after the port game) there's all this talk about us booing Carlisle and players who've left us.

Fk all talk of St Kilda booing Goddard five years on.

And Daniher directing that St Kilda ■■■■■■■■ to the big screen after shoving him was gold. Gif please.


Baguley doing some really good things early. Had a shaky start to the season, but has been the super reliable Baguley we know lately.


Whoever said earlier in this thread that we're starting to master the art of the Bulldogs handball, we've become excellent proponents have the hidden throw. Reckon we'll get pinged a couple this week, pretty obvious on the replay.


Your right, it was only Alex Rance