Match Review Thread - Ben "bad boy" Ainsworth come on down!

Well, at least we almost made it to 10 goals for the game.

It’s not even slightly frustrating watching the opposition set up rebound after rebound from our defence.

Id rather not discuss it

No one will remember this insignificant scrappy cripple fight of a game in November when we have first shot at the best kids in the country. Not too phased when you put it in context.

Goals are a problem. So far this season we have kicked: 9, 11, 7, 6, 11 and 8

Not enough to win many matches. We don’t have a very good functioning forward line and our midfield delivery is poor. We need to draft some forwards and move Joe up to CHF and away from the pressure of being the focal point.

Skipworth appears to be failing in his latest role as a forward coach. Hopefully there are no other roles available after this one???

Still not keen on a spoon

An entirely forgettable match.

I don’t know how to feel. I usually get the ■■■■■ big time when we lose to those spuds. I’m strangely not.

That was horrible, nothing good came out of that debacle. A long cold winter is approaching.

Bring in a good forward coach.
Joe is just… Yeah.
Fanta tho

Id rather not discuss it
I haven't seen or heard anything about the game other than the final score but this ^ opinion speaks volumes.
That was horrible, nothing good came out of that debacle. A long cold winter is approaching.

How could you say something like that without a picture of Sean Bean.

Too many basic errors, and can we please get some small forwards to stay at the feet of the contests deep in our forward line!
■■■■■■ frustrating watching their small backs run the ball out with ease.

This game says more about how crap carlscum is.

A lot were bagging Looney-bin, I think that was harsh. His role is as a ruckman and he does that well. The issue is that he ends up playing as a linking midfielder and that is not his thing. We all knew that when he came in so to bag him for not doing ait as well as we would like is unfair. He should n’t be anything more than a old school ruckman. Next year when we have Belly in to run around and a better quality midfield with the likes of Heppell, Hocking, Watson, Parish, Zaka, etc he will more than just average, he will be very very useful because he wins the tap.

Quote of the game from a Carlton fan. “Game defining point coming up… And… Out on the full.”

Hopefully the coaches recognise how much better the forward line was with Daniher up the ground. Quite enjoyed the final quarter.

We’ve blamed plenty of forwards coaches over the years. Jackets needs to get us some forwards. Not just a tall either, need some ground level players also.

And once we do get said forwards, we are going to have to figure out how to get it to them.

Bring in a good forward coach. Joe is just..... Yeah. Fanta tho

RAZ is exciting, but needs to improve multiple parts of his game.