Match review thread Vs Pies

When I look back on 2016 I’m going to everyone able to say that I went to half a game of football for the whole season.

That was (is) ■■■■■■■ deplorable. So glad they waited until Anzac day to not show any effort.

And it’s the blokes on the actual list who were (are) ■■■■.

Went for a Les Kiss after a few pints in the bullring at one point and all was going well until some weird ■■■■ got too close and bumped into me and the flow stopped for whatever reason Doesn't even compare to the stage fright our boys got today. Fkn awful match. Should have stayed at the royal.

I really can’t make any sense of this Riley, please explain.

I can only surmise that we all thought Riley was a bloke but is in fact a chick who’s hot enough to pull a random at a footy match.

In: Redman

In: effort
Out: no effort.

Hopefully May is a better month.

Completely over audio today by the occasion, nothing coach could have done. But some of the players who are on our list were just pathetic today, they have no excuse.

Best first three posts in Bomberblitz history??

Best first three posts in Bomberblitz history??
Harsh on Peos there.

Should’ve dropped McKenna.

Missing ambrose

Not our day … a lot of the side a bit overawed by the occasion of it, and I think Buckley knew that was a good chance, so instructed them to go like stick from the outset to take advantage of it, & it worked.

Got nervous when Cloke was left out, it’s always dangerous when you remove a failing focal point, the whole team gets a burst of freshness, as well as a shot across the bow’s that even the highest paid can get axed.

We don’t have a fken team. I don’t know what people expect.

The midfield engine room is empty.

Besides Zaharakis, who is there?

Parish and Merret are young and tired. The rest aren’t at the level.

Stop being ■■■■■■ and accept we don’t have the quality to keep up.

Saying that we will beat Carlton.

Not our day. Not a game to spend too much time on. Move on.

Looney has been outstanding.
Zerrett really tried.
Kelly is a class above.
Hartley decent.
Fantasia good.

The bad is obvious, but most disappointed in first half effort rather than anyone in particular.

Also think we got out coached before the game today. Not switched on, too tall forward, needed Crowley to stop someone. The non-tagging Sidebottom or Pendelbury is puzzling but hopefully the guys got something out of being smashed.

I’m sick of getting belted on Anzac day

I’ll excuse a lot of things this year. I’m ok with poor skills. I’m fine with getting overrun late in games. I’m fine with getting pushed around by bigger bodies.
But fk me I want to see effort. I can’t accept soft, front-running spuds finding themselves loose in their forward 50 time after time. I don’t want to see us chip the ball around a bit before bombing it onto Joe’s head when he’s surrounded by 5 opposition players. Every fkn time. The number of times they outnumbered us in our forward line, swept the ball away and ran the length of the field without us touching them was staggering.

We were never going to be a good side this year, but today was a hell of a lot more disappointing than any other game so far.

Oh well, at least Carlton are woeful…

If Fantasia was 10% better kick he’d be AAA

Pies supporting mate said its the most switched on Collingwood has played in a few years. They where always gonna fire today.

I'm sick of getting belted on Anzac day

We’re gonna flog them in A Day 17 …

Goddard might want to consider giving it away

Kids played in front of huge crowd and got stage fright.they are now one game closer to not getting stage disappointed but not shattered,this meant to happen every week remember.time to get around them,long season if we don’t.

The biggest thing we have to fear this year, is a mediocre team with a point to prove.

We’ll catch good teams napping, and get a few Honourable losses, but if any team turns up desperate for a win, we’re in trouble.

The less said about today, the better.