Match thread vs West Coast - Round 11 2023

I’m nervous… we can’t lose this, surely?


I know exactly how you’re feeling.

My logical self tells me that we are playing a reasonably well organised style of football and that we should win easily.

My emotional self tells me that the budgies have only won three games in the last thirty six and that one of them was against us at Optus last year.

20 years of Essington has scarred me and I will only count the win, when the final siren goes and we are in front.


I think we’ll win comfortably, but I don’t think we have the sort of team that can bung on a 100 point win against anyone.
Just feel like we’re not there yet. Still getting in our own way.

But I’m not nervous about the result at all.


Well said.

Even if we had a full list to choose from, this would be an extremely unlikely scenario. But with a depleted midfield & limited targets in the forward line, this is not happening or even close to it.

Everything prior to this game, besides a record of mediocrity against so called ‘lesser’ sides, suggests we should be winning this game. But this game will probably prove a greater level of maturity (or lack of) compared with the Dreamtime game.

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Not having Scott around during the week and the media pumping up the tyres after beating a injury depleted tigers has me nervous.

Barras, Hurn and Yeo back in is huge, not just for talent but organisation in the back half and strong character. They wont drop their bundle if we get one or two early, they will keep calm.

This is no cake walk folks, it’s a different team to last week, they’ve been crapped on relentless over here and are after a win for a coach they like.
With a very testy home crowd at their back, and some older heads to steer them they’ll have a crack


Sounds like West Coast fan fic to me :wink:


Great to see big Bryza get a run…!! I thought he would be in regardless of Shiels foot given Phillips rested/omitted…hoping we see a line up something like;-

Lav Zerk McGrath
Redman Ridley Hind
Durham Stringer Heppell
Martin Langford Guelfi
Perkins Weideman Tippa

Draper Caldwell Merrett

Hobbs Snelling Menzie Bryan
SUB: Massimo


Lol Carlton.


Like others, I’m also feeling nervous about this one. Not so much the players the Eagles are getting back (Hurn and Yeo are cooked), but more about our history in these type of games.

In saying that, I don’t think we will lose. Aside from the fact that we are playing far better than last year, the biggest difference in this game compared to the corresponding one last year, is that the players who scored about 90% of their total score aren’t playing today.

The traditional Essendon destroyers also won’t be there today (Kennedy, McGovern, Shuey, and Jamie Cripps). I’m expecting an unconvincing 3-4 goal win, but I’d love to be surprised and we end up crushing them like we should.


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Eagles by 24 or essendon by 7


Essendon 4.25.49 d WCE 8.0.48?


10 goal loss coming up

Its going to take a Stringer special to get us a fall over the line sh-t win I feel.


Please win.

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We’ll be fine :slight_smile:

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is there kfc in perth?

Hope we can review these posts later tonight and laugh at the lack of confidence.

Blitz vibe has generally been a pretty good indicator of how it unfolds in these types of games though.


only losers look back, thats why i removed my rear view mirror in my car.


I think they will put up a fight for the first qtr or maybe first half. But we will blow them away in the second. Bombers by 48, Weed to kick 4

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So is Steve Harrington confirmed for tonight yet?

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