Match thread vs West Coast - Round 11 2023

Not just a day of upsets.

I’d say Swans beating Blues last night was an upset too.


How could anyone contemplate West Coast beating us?

We’re gonna lose expect Yeo, Barass, Gaff, Hurn and Sheed to play out of their skin.

I thought the prospect was unfathomable a week ago as well.

Then I see the named teams for this week and it really isn’t too far out of the realms of possibility.

It might not be 100 points but we will not lose to this mob. No chance.

I dare you

Barrass is a big in for them, but Hurn and Yeo are just warm bodies atm.

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Because the same thing happened last year

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They still got flogged with those players in wont make a huge differnce they are cooked dont be surprised if they get injured

I’ve always liked your confidence and hope you are again right this time.

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Coach killer coming up. Brad won’t come back from this loss.

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Under Rutten. We have a coach now.

Have no doubt, we will not lose this game.

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Don’t make me come back here at the end of the game and blame you for the loss…

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Hahaha, I won’t be hearing from you. Guaranteed.


I hope so Nino, i’ve had such a great week since the Richmond win. Really would like to carry that on for the next couple of weeks.

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More like Simpson,Brad has already claimed Hardwick

Things that make you go hmmmm.

Nah, think we’re past this now.

Our changes since we last played them


OUTS - Kelly, Shiel (assuming he’s out), Wright, Jones, D’Ambrosio, Ham (sub)

INS - McGrath, BZT, Weideman, Walla, Menzie, sub TBA

Also noting that since the last game, Eagles won’t have Kennedy, Darling, Cripps, Rioli, Ryan, Shuey and Jones.


All that adds up to is a comprehensive win.