Matchday thread vs Port Adelaide- Round 11 2022

Imagine how fat Stringer would look in red shorts ?

Reckon we could be a sneaky chance today.if we get off to a decent start

Wow!! He’s on the nose that badly among some Port supporters?

I want to see the coaches come up with smart coachy moves/match ups to gives us a chance of being competitive.

I have one of those feelings about this game.



Would love a win, just not quite big enough to push as above Adelaide

Sneaky chance if we were playing the Castlemaine seniors…

Oh good, windy and wet game.

■■■■■■■ wet weather football is boring trash.

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Thankfully we play well in the rain

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Listening to Ricutto and rain coming I might be flocking back to the Pies vs Blues game sooner than I thought

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Do they call games off when it rains?

They should.

This will be one of those weird games when we kick a lot more goals than we expect.

We try to player pretty footy we will get flogged

Want to see knock ons,kicks of the ground etc

Does Raz still play for Port Adelaide?