Matchday thread vs Port Adelaide- Round 11 2022

You know we will

Port to get out to a 30-40 point lead before the rain begins.

Then cruise to a 50-60 point win after it hits. They know they’ll get minimal resistance from us.

I think we are way too tall as well. Not helpful.

Why do all our players look so skinny compared to other sides?

All I can hope for is the boys win the fights today.

We don’t try to play pretty football in dry weather. Have you been watching us this season?

Never mind, at least they’re nice boys

Bombers by 11.

Convict ancestry, free settlers better fed

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Nah, just us.

Northern territory welcome to country is still my favourite.

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Here we go again. Can’t help hoping we win even though my head tells me it’s highly unlikely.
Please try hard Bombers- no jogging today.

The effort we gave in the first last week is what I want for a full 4 qrts

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Poor form not wearing the indigenous jumper. I reckon every other club has done it back to back weeks.


Go Tex


dois and tex only.

clubs a shambles.

white essendon policy.

It’s because it was a clash apparently

That pregame looked awkward

Couldn’t wear it as they deemed it a jumper clash.
Edit: answered above

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Hep went in for the cuddle to Motlop.

Sheedy would be ■■■■■■