McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer



The only thing wrong with calling GOT ‘premium mediocre’ is the use of the word ‘premium’.


The chicken tenders are ■■■■. Too small, too dry, too much coating, too expensive.


Bring back the chicken strips (KFC)


Went back and had these again as there was nothing on the menu I could be bothered with.

These really are terrible.

Dry as a witches tit, bread crumb to meat ratio is too high. One of the tenders (they’re not tender BTW…) was about the size of 1.5 chicken nuggets.

Too expensive.

Though they did offer me ‘Big Mac Sauce’ which I would like to try on nuggets next time.


Yep, sadly what can be a great idea in a test kitchen environment can be atrocious when executed in restaurant.

The size irregularities are a disgrace.


I remember the Macca’s promotion in '98, was a big thing back then for a kid.

Wanted that IBM computer they were offering so bad as my current one was slow despite being only a couple of years old.



Same with ice-cream swirl limits


Not sure if the BLT on the breakfast menu is new, however had a couple last week.

Thought the were great.

Smallish, but not too greasy, and didn’t leave me repeating like with a sausage mcmuffin or hash brown.

Definitely have again.

Also had my first cheeseburger in probably 20 years. Was ok, but just felt like it offered no sustenance and was pretty meh.


this looks awesome, thank you come again

McDonald’s India serves up two tender paneer (cottage cheese) slabs coated in a crunchy battery, topped with mustard, salad and an irresistibly creamy salad dressing.


Why is it, that whenever i have Macca eggs they give me the trots?


Why is it that anyone has McDonalds eggs?


Can I order it without the battery?


I don’t anymore.


Good decision. They are universally foul. Can’t understand why so many people go “an overlooked hard egg that’s been sitting in a warmer for an half hour? Yes please”


Their scrambled egg is half decent when they did the big brekkie which was a deconstructed bacon and egg mcmuffin with sausage pattie…


I remember making that when I worked there (17+years ago). Do they still make it?


No, but you can order it with a salt.