McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer




Oh well. At least it’s an innovative way to deal with their e-waste problem.


@mcdav if this comes to Australia, I can source the paneer…


Back a few years ago, I could get them to make me a B & E muffin, with the egg done just easy over the way I prefer, so I got a bit of yoke ooze, which along with a sachet of cracked black made them almost as good as home made, (sans tasty cheese), … but then one day the Manager intervened & it was to be no more, the eggs get done to a timer, and thats that.

As mentioned in another thread a while back, the whole Salmonella thing when you eat raw eggs, or soft boiled, easy over etc, although a minor but none the less real chance of occurring, was what I suspected was behind it.

Haven’t touched one since.


The paneer stuff is good in theory but it’s also a big chunk of fried cheese in a Maccas burger


and the problem is …?

ok swap it with haloumi then…


If we ever did halloumi again I would be staggered


What’s wrong with halloumi?

I’ll give you the answer: nothing


It’s not called freedom cheese?


What do they put in their chicken nuggets? Sure as ■■■■ ain’t chicken


Freedom Meat


I can also source halloumi if need be…

What were the problems you had with it?


It’s actually cheese?


No one bought it


It actually is. 100% breast


chicken breast related products


100% breast
75% ground chicken carcasses
25% feathers



I think its time mcdonalds up their chip game.

HJs is now the firm leader after their revolution.


Will never happen. Basically the only place selling fries. HJs sold out.



How accurate was that Michael Keaton movie with Ron Swanson in it?