McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer








bring back the ■■■■■■■ mcspicy.


I had the Classic Angus on Sunday night and it was, without exaggeration, one of the worst Macca’s things I’ve ever had. Tasteless and dry.


Yeah Mega Mac was pretty dardy. Had the grand bacon something or rather the other day. Comprehensively average in every way. As @riolio said I think I’ll stick to the Maccas food at Maccas


Lol I got half way through the above post before you posted, was interrupted, closed my browser then just pulled it back up and finished before reading your post. Cosmic.


Once there was this kid who, got into an accident…

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


I see what you did there. However, you’re one “hmmm” short…


Stupid Ubereats sent me a code to get a free Grand Big Mac and free delivery when I place my first Ubereats order. So I go to order but they won’t deliver to my suburb. Duh.

If anybody wants to take advantage of it the promo code is



trying desperately.


If you’re going down that path, the only one worth eating is the chicken clubhouse.


You’re alright by me.


Yep the flip side is the last quarter pounder I had was outstanding.


I had Big Mac meal for lunch yesterday. Have not eaten Macca’s for 5 years.

It was quite nice and the fries were very good…


Hi Dave!


had some yesterday and they were dry AF

what a let down


I always have the loaded fries at Maccas. Gravy of course.


I think all the Angus burgers are rubbish at Maccas.


Better than Hungry Jack’s version.