McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


Make a better blt at home than any takeaway could do,

And believe it or not, … using spam!!

Recipe was on a tin I had left over from a hike, … hard to believe, … but it’s unbeatable.

5 mm slices of spam under the grill until bubbling seems the key.






The last thing I ever had a Hungry Jacks was the double cheeseburger back in 1999. I can still tate it.


You can get spam, sausage, eggs and rice at Maccas in Honolulu.


They love their Spam in Hawaii!


Nevet eaten Spam.


Peri peri chicken wrap FTW!

3 in 3 days!

Usually eat Maccas 3-4 times a year, so looks like I’m on track to break my average.

Could they do a Mexican version?



When will Maccas realise that you cannot make their burgers cool?


Just stick to the known.
Chilli quarter pounders
El Maco


Got the 24 pack of nuggs for 9.95 last week, went well with Big Mac Sauce which is actually a thing you can order now.

And just seen advertised the grand Big Mac or whatever it is…kind of tempting even though I wouldn’t have had a Big Mac for 25 years


Its the size of the original big mac from 50years ago at like $2-$3 more expensive than the one we have now.


So it’s just a larger lump of overpriced crap then?




This is the biggest load of ■■■■ going around. It’s f**king huge, which the Big Mac NEVER was.




Go on…


I do like them big.