McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


Will happen.


Holy crap.

Anyone ever tried kfc nuggs?



Oh no you ■■■■■■■ didn’t!!


I’ll admit, chicken quality was pretty good. But they were squished into the sweaty little bag(wtf?) in one congealed lump. Had to peel them off each other.

And, now I recall this. The chips! Undercooked!!!
Maccas to their credit NEVER had an undercooked chip. EVER.


Ask them to put them in a chips box.

Also. My Local dirty bird never undercooks and always goes overboard on the salt



What could you possibly prefer?


Mickey D’s


Only get them if the kids leave me some.


Their nuggets are just thick pieces of cardboard. Horrible.


Had a quarter pounder yesterday. Is it just me or that store but the onions were basically the same size as the beef. Love a bit of onion but that was way overs.


you ■■■■■■■ serious? i’ve had some that are bendier than string.


Well, yeah if they’re a bit old. But they’re never undercooked. I bet KFC don’t even have a timer on their fryers.


Well, … they’ve never had a Chip to undercook, soooo … :smirk:


If you honestly think KFC nuggets are even in the same ball park as Maccas nuggets, you don’t know nuggets. Maccas are streets ahead of all nuggets. Dirty Bird are ■■■■.


Mates burger he got the other day. Some cooks first or last day!
Had the Big Mac myself the other day it was awesome.


The hell?

Maccas nugs are hard and tasteless.


I was there when the Nugget War began, …

Pls let, …“You don’t know Nuggets” become a Blitz Meme.


You’re really not needed in this thread.


KFC Chips are better, but you do often get them a little underdone, but never at Maccas, sometimes might get a few overcooked.


That’s a trainwreck.


They’re the thing I eat most. Miles ahead of the rest of the comp in this space.

spicy nuggets launch today.