McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


Hambo hit the nail on the head.


I don’t see the OHS issue - more the time it took to flurry one. If someone orders 4, at 15 seconds a spin that’s a minute to experience time.

Back when the customer probably wasn’t front of mind.


Doesn’t really make sense still. Hardly every Cafe that serves Breakfast has a trained Chef, … I’d doubt any do.

And surely you’re not saying that with Macas extensive World renowned training of staff, they don’t do Food Safety & Handling quals. How can they even work there w/out it?

I was convinced at the time, that it was all about systems and timers and not upsetting the applecart by adding a new level of complexity to the process.


Could be the litigious nature of the mother country and the easy target of a multi billion dollar company meaning we want to play it safe?


But muh Cafe does it


I’d say most do these days.

a) breakfast has become pretty fancy at a lot of cafes.

b) working breakfast to lunch shift is way better hours(plus family friendly) than working night shifts.


Point b is a very good one. My uncle has a relationship with his family now.


Yep. I have heaps of friends that lived like Marco Pierce Whit or Anthony Bourdain in their 20’s. Cooked at the best restaurants and were semi functioning alcoholics and party animals.

Hit 30 and had a family they went to cafes. Much more sustainable lifestyle even if there Ego’s don’t get stroked as much.


Most Cafes do terrible scrambled eggs though.


Delivery via UberEats launched there today.


Awesome. Hopefully keeps most of the creeps at home.



May as well never check your super


You know what sucks? Zambrero


I’d say mexican in general myself.


I love good Mexican (not that I’m expecting A Grade from a fast food joint)


Never trust anyone with eggs.


Guzman is the pick of the lot


Bayside burrito. Not fast food tho more like not slow.


What Americans do to bacon is even more criminal


If you want to talk about places reducing servings over the years you have a candidate there.