Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Just because I’m too lazy to look, what’s the best type of membership for someone in TAS who will generally only get to a couple of games a year?


Great question Klawdy. 38,425 is the current tally.


Looking forward to Hepp’s phone call where he doesn’t let me speak and then hangs up on me.


I’m looking forward to his phone call too, then I can leave him on hold for 45 minutes


My scarf arrived in the middle in the Honduras match on Saturday. Mrs Ivan immediately claimed it as the minimalist efc scarf she’d always wanted. I gave up getting Mrs Ivan a membership of her own when we had kids. Once they’re a bit older we may revisit the question.


Yet still able to take the Monday before Cup Day off to make a long weekend despite being inundated… yep. Makes sense.


They’ve gone back the days of 2010 when they had one person manning the stations I think. ■■■■ upgrading then, just stick with my AFL membership, get better service with them


I’ve just resigned tonight year 11 now Full AFL member EFC club support but have also paid for my GF 6 game membership $180 and my mum and dad both 3 game memberships $80 each. Let’s crack the 80k Sign all your families and loved ones up guys


My two year old daughter had her membership pack sent out yesterday. Still waiting on mine.


nope - theres just a lot more calls these days


My kids got theirs today. Absolutely loved them. Most notably the Walla pencil case.


Can’t be that many, when I call 3 weeks apart

And if there are that many, maybe hire an extra person or two via an agency?


I bought this up today. We are currently looking at outsourcing for a little while, and have just hired another staff member.

Hopefully the lines clear up soon.


Thanks Catherine


40k announcement coming pretty soon it looks like.


This might be a silly question, but the wife and I received our member packs this week, our first ever time with game day access (we assume Lavender will debut on Anzac Day :joy:).

Our pack didn’t contain membership cards. Do they come later?


Hey! Membership cards are sent out in Feb - bit closer to the start of the season. How exciting!


always arrive separate in my experience.


Do we track information like wait times and number of people hanging up? I know in my industry we certainly do. You could also investigate options such as arranged call back, so that people aren’t kept on hold waiting.


The tally is almost at 40,000 already! It’s still November…