Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Board meeting postponed - meeting papers still to be delivered…


30 here and no complaints about the area. Although it’s quite possible that I’m the annoying one.


I’m in 30 and you will know when I’m there


High Mark aisle 44 here. Had quite a few crows around us on Friday though as is usually the case. Myself & the bloke in front of me like to engage the opposition supporters, it’s actually quite amusing. Only problem is my daughter often repeats my comments when I get home, usually resulting in my wife giving me some sort of lecture about being careful what I say around the kids (neglecting to mention that 90% of the “bad” words they’ve spoken, have actually come from her!:joy:)


So, at the game, there was a guy in my reserved seat. I showed him my card, and, much to my bewilderment, he had a ticket to my reserved seat - he showed me his ticket paper and I literally read it 3 times. Luckily there was a spare seat behind us and he was kind enough to move.

Has this happened before? I’ve already emailed the club about it. Here is hoping it won’t happen again!


That’s awkward. I remember many years ago when Etihad first opened someone near me had been assigned a seat right where there was a concrete pillar. Understandable to have a few teething problems.


Bay N13 on second level. We have had those seats for a few years now. We got them as sliver members and asked to keep them as they are very good.

Your Mrs sound like shes got her head screwed on alright. My Mrs doesnt like going with me. She thinks I’m to passionate and doesnt like my sentence structures that I tend to yell out.


were you wearing Adelaide colors? if not…it wasnt you


Haha, no not me.


We should have just about beaten last year’s membership tally by now! Go Dons!


When do they update their website with the membership numbers?! Still showing the same from Monday!


I’m not sure. I was just guessing but we’d have to be close. Expect a members first email in the next few days I reckon.


still no membership card.


OK this is just taking the ■■■■ now. Unleash hell @choppsuey


Ask them if they can send next years out with it


might get it in time for Dreamtime… next year…


Hey! I mentioned you yesterday in a meeting I had and was asked to confirm if you had a match day membership.

If it is, can you dm me your contact details?


I sit in Aisle 25 bottom level, right next to opposition cheer squad which is always fun. Most of them are ok, except the Port supporters. They are feral!!


My high mark seat is in 38. All the seats next to me I think are some type of corporates. Often they’re empty, but for big games people wander down and sit in them. They’ve obviously been up the top of Level 2, where there are some function rooms.

It can get pretty annoying, as for example last week there was a guy initially in my seat. And then a few minutes after the game started there was some tooing and froing as two people in my aisle arrived, and others were in their seats. The people in them when asked for tickets kind of shrugged, and said they’d just been told to sit anywhere. Very annoying to have this negotiating, then people in/out across me while play was on.

As to allegiances, obviously it leans Essendon but those function people can be from any team.


On a side note, what is it with the lack of etiquette at football grounds? People honestly think they can rock up anytime, and just go over to their seats. No wait for a break in play, stuff anyone who got there earlier. Where on earth is the common decency? If the quarter has started, wait in the aisles until there is a break in play, then move across. I’m on the aisle seat so always get affected and its a bug bear of mine.

That and people leaving while play is live 5 minutes before the end of the quarter.