Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


its footy, you can have 5 ball ups a minute or none in 10.


I am also not a fan of the punter that goes and buys beers 6 times a quarter.


Have emailed Membership Dept (politely) today to find out what has happened with our two membership cards which still haven’t arrived - and we are not overseas - in Victoria.

EDIT: Frustratingly, I get an auto reply email back saying they are experiencing a ‘high volume’ of enquiries and will get back to me within 5 days!! That is pretty ordinary.


Looks like I’m voting for the Raptor next time. :laughing:



same thing goes for you as choppsuey, if you have game day memberships and have not received them can you DM me your contact details?






The one I watch looks just like you.


That will be the Chairman’s function, they sit across 37-41 generally for about 10 rows down, you must be just far enough back to be on the front edge of those seats. It pretty much is a matter of sitting anywhere in those areas for the couple of hundred in the function so what they’re saying is right.
My reserved seats are also in 38, I sat in them for the first time in several years last week and was essentially just 10 rows closer in the same section I’ve been while in those functions the past few years. Great seats, I knew I’d kept paying for them without sitting in them the past 3 years for a reason…


Its the AFL’s fault.

If only they advertised a starting time for each game and scheduled breaks at regular intervals during the game.




Well unfortunately they won’t buy themselves :joy::beers::joy:


Bring back delivery to seat I say!


That was a great idea. Unfortunately in practice out of 2 tries I got warm beers and a wrong order.




Bring pack pie boys !

I was one of them in 1966 at Windy Hill and then the MCG. Four’nTwenty pies fresh from the factory in Kensington with lots of tomato sauce, in a paper bag.

Cannot really remember but I think they were 15c.




Drone delivery?


As long as the drones also monitor those who have had too many and who have lost control of their sociable and bodily functions, so security can get out their wheelbarrows and mops and remove them and their bodily fluids from the venue.


Happened to me once, the guys were getting up 2-3 time a quarter to get beers, but they 3rd I had enough and as he was going back to his seat I “tried” to move but “accidentally” knocked him, spilling all 4 beers.