Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Oh of course. I was merely making a humorous quip about the number that are being handed out in Western Sydney schools as the AFL continue to push for the hearts and minds of their biggest growth market. I’m only aware of this because I have family that live and teach in the area and see it for themselves 1st hand.


Geez imagine when we win a final or even a flag. We will have 200,000 members.


Who is this Lindsay Tanner bloke. Is he new to the job?


The thing that stands out to me most about that list is the Pies number. Down, even slightly, in spite of a likely top 4 finish. Gives an indication of how diabolically bad it was earlier in the year when they took down the counter and stopped telling people what the number was. Rumours of struggling to make 60k. T


Geez the Western Bulldogs are in a whole lot of bother.

As soon as the Hawks pull out of Tassie they lose 6,000 members

How sustainable is the Richmond numbers? How much do they charge for their bandwagon category?

Also, how good is the result for WC?


WC result is predicated on the opening of the new stadium.

Dogs are and will always be a minnow amateur operation.

Tigers will have a drop off for sure when they inevitable come back down the ladder, as does everyone. But even a big 20% drop would see them settle back to a more realistic 80k. As I understand, most of that 38% is new members (it was something like 20k new between the GF and Pre season alone) and it’s definitely “a thing” to be a Richmond local and go to watch the Tigers.


this - That’s a wonderful effort by the club and the supporters to nearly get to 2nd.


Yes, My point re Richmond was a bit sarcastic/bitchy.

I’m not expecting Richmond to drop back by a lot, more hover around that number for a few years. Whilst they are in this period of on-field success the numbers will stay high. Also I assume generating a new member is the key - once you have them signed up there is a fair chance they stay signed up, especially in this day and age of automatic renewals etc.

But as I’ve said before its not only the number of members that is important, its how much revenue they generate.


It’ll be interesting to see if these excellent numbers translate into an accelerated retirement of our debt, and expansion at Tullamarine.


What’s a FOC?


Friend Of Catherine


Yeah I thought as much. But to be honest there’s a huge element of bandwagon about Richmond. It’s a genuine thing in the 3121. They’ll see a big drop off at some stage but will make hay while the sun shines.


Free of Charge


Just told a Collingwood supporter their numbers are very disappointing and said how scary is it to think we have more members despite the fact we are 11th and play at Etihad. Imagine how many members we would have if we played at the G and were top 4!


It’s something that is usually followed by an OFF


Who gets FOC memberships?


Kids in key growth areas for a start.


Now can we get the figures for no pet memberships?


Collingwood actually a bit dudded by that list, their attendance numbers are the 2nd biggest in the league, only 1,332 below the Tigers and up 7,272 per match on their 2017 ave.

So in revenue terms the Pies are definitely 2nd strongest. Tigers average H & A crowd 54,240, Pies 52,908. Although the Pies have a bigger away average by about 1,500 than home average, which means that other sides supporters are boosting their numbers, where Richmond and Essendon drop over 8,000 attendees for away games on average.

Us on the other hand, after only being 227 short of Richmond’s average in 2017, in being 2nd in overall home and away attendances in 2017, have actually gone down in average attendances per game by 1,581 so far this year, although with 2 big MCG games coming up, that may well be rectified and hopefully holding at or better than our average for the St Kilda and Port games. Currently our average attendance in H & A games is the third largest at 44,711, in 2017 we were 2nd with an average of 46,353 (again watch this space for end of 2018 H&A figures).

Whereas the Hawks claim to be the number 2 team in membership terms is a complete fiction compared to actual match attendances. Having claimed an ~5,000 member increase to a total of 80,000+ members, their average H & A attendance has fallen by almost 6,000 to 10th most attendees on average at 33,436, nearly 3,000 below Melbourne who are 13th on the member number table, and only a couple of hundred more than the average crowd watching a Sydney game. Tasmania is obviously a factor, but even so, their average home crowd is less than St. Kilda’s (Hawks - 13th behind Swans and St Kilda).

From HeraldSun via @Bomb_Doe



Big swing for us and Pies is the fact they were the home team for Anzac Day.

On the revenue point I think memberships should really be looked at on a revenue level rather than match attendances or even membership totals. I recall that in 2016 our numbers held up reasonably well but we had lower yielding memberships, ie more 3 game members. So in effect we received less income. This is the reason why our move to Docklands was trumped up to be a great idea - all members were to pay more given they would get a reserved seat which get the club more revenue.