Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318



I’m one year to late, my youngest just went from baby to skeeta membership. Missed it by that much!


You can have the baby membership 2 years in a row if you request it. My daughter was only 1 when her second year came around so I called and changed it back to a baby bombers one.


I did the exact same thing last year so I could get a different pack and avoid to many double up toys.

So I think I’m outta luck.


Signup or renew already so you can get this!


Thought we already had a membership thread?


Who doesn’t love a T-Swizzle presale?!


I always wanted to go to “Prth” and “Sydeny”. Actually, I lived in the latter in their Olympic year.



Can’t wait to see her in prth


The Snake Oil/0 Reputation Tour


Just saw a Facebook memory from 2012 where we’d just reached 30,000 members half way through December, and we reckoned that was pretty good! To be at 50,000 now is amazing! :slight_smile:


Well done!
Setting a target of 50k before Christmas was a hell of a lot more achievable than Jeff Kennetts stupid statements this morning.




Lol. Thats so, so lame, … and yet… what’s this mist in my eyes??

Great effort Woosha, … that would not have been easy …


Somewhat tacky production with Woosha looking pretty uncomfortable. Doing something that doesn’t come easy to him. Oh well, I guess it appeals to some


I liked the Love Actually reference.


Me too, my favourite movie. Loved it!


Firstly, why isn’t the bloke wearing any Essendon gear?

and when whoosh “starts” the cassette player, two buttons are down. It shouldn’t be playing. But we hear music. It’s all a bit suss.


Loved it! One of the favourite parts of one of my favourite movies!