Membership 2019


Mrs Fox and I got our 2019 Membership Cards today.

WTF !!!




They really have taken the delay in membership cards being sent out seriously it seems.


Got mine too - just checked the mail. Like the design to it as well!


Does it have The Bont on it?


No :cry:image


maybe it’s a special scratchy ticket where if you scratch off the faces you’ll see who we’ve recruited*

* now that would be a good promotional idea


Nope, but Raz, Walla, Klunk, Joey and some-one I cannot ID. Could be Zerrett, but is not the Bont.


Yep, Zerrett!


Kevin Bacon


I’ll believe that when I see a card. Next May.


Steven may???


My youngest got her membership card in the mail today, but nothing for me or her sister.

Why is my card always late?? :thinking:


I thought Daniher and Zach were headed to Sydney.


Hooker: OK, it was me.


what are they all looking at in that photo?


Hooksey obviously… they all look very much in love with him.

It’s a shocker.


Fat Sash is back!


cards continuing their trajectory of looking like steaming piles of garbage, i see.


Well I for one can definitely understand that kind of infatuation, I’m in love with Hooksey too!

But what is Hooksey looking at? Could it be our new mysterious BIG FISH recruit that has gone under the radar? Is he somehow connected with landing said fish?