Membership 2019


Nah… like every leading man he is looking into middle distance. Just needs some cheesy music :joy:


Maybe he’s looking at the premiership cup which is sitting off in the distance?!


He’s not looking far enough.


i like it.

im liking the whole look for this years membership. no dumb gimmicks, theyre selling the players.


Well hopefully that’s not the players they’re selling :rofl:




When renewing your membership there’s a VFLW add on option.

I think most folks here can find $30 to support the girls.

And, get this, you get a membership blanket too, perfect for those cold winter days.

( my frostbite from a VFL / VFLW doubleheader at Craigieburn is still healing )


wonder if this is a legit blank @bomber_girl


Hmm I wait in a high state of anticipation.


Is High Mark really worth it?


If you like sitting, … maybe.


Level 2 seats at Marvel. :ok_hand:


Ahhh the yearly debate in my head about switching from AFL to EFC membership…


Yep we have both, but since even Gold AFL members struggle to get a GF ticket, and in fact it is getting much more difficult to get AFL members tickets for our away games, we might pull the plug on the AFL.

If we could get seats to away games with our Highmark we would be happy.



Oh yeah, need to pay for it


Yep debating switching over to AFL as I enjoy hitting up quite a few neutral games with mates.

Probably makes sense to switch over.


I wouldn’t go to Craigeburn for anything ever.


I mentioned this earlier in the year, but I have AFL membership with an Essendon silver membership AFL membership ad on for Etihad home games, which I find useful (this ad on isn’t advertised on the EFC website).


I’ve got the tightarse country bumpkin one at the moment…probably push it back up to 3 or 6 game membership. MCC member, so don’t need those games.


Thinking of switching to High Mark this year. What are the MCG seats like and what are away seats like if you get the home and away option?