Membership 2019

I wouldn’t go that far, but yes I was talking about 11+ game memberships as “proper”.

I used to have H&A seated membership till I moved overseas in 2002. I have maintained the non-match access membership since then, seated membership is too much to spend when I can’t make use of it.

Not sure if I’ll ever move back to Melbourne.

I was thinking yesterday afternoon over a beer that the cub should really lean into the “ALL IN” note the players all touched running out. If that was the core of the messaging for the 2020 membership drive I reckon it’s pretty strong.

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We need a Young Family membership.


Twice a year, EFC organise a nanny (Gil can apparently organise this) to look after the kids.

Parents get chauffeured (to tired to drive) to a day match (can’t stay awake for a night match).

Reserved seat in the ‘Quiet/ Restrained’ Area (enough tantrums at home to deal with let alone at the footy)

AFL guarantee great skilful footy (parents put up with enough ■■■■) at home.

Bombers guaranteed win (Collingwood & AFL) can help out here)


Job going in the membership dept.

Must be resilient.


I would apply just to hear @Aceman ring in to cancel his membership

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I’d be more worried about the person who calls to ask why I haven’t signed up again :rofl:

If you can recite our strategic themes word for word the job is yours

Doh! #6 gets me every time.

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10 Darren Bewick
11 win a fkn final


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Not the best timing for All In to be the slogan, but it’s a good one.

Prior to the 28th of October when the upfront plans roll over, I thought I’d ring the club and question why my grand final guarantee cost $150 each compared to others paying a lot less. The very friendly membership lady, explained that some paid $55 last year and this year would pay something like $70, others paid $75 and this year would pay about $90 and me, having (foolishly) paid $150 last year, was stuck on $150.

I questioned the variable pricing of the guarantee and she seemed a little uncomfortable with the rationale - first in best dressed. Anyway, has anyone else been caught with this? I’m thinking that I’d prefer level 2 anyway and might go Highmark and have the guarantee included.


That’s going to upset a few people.

Essendon are currently paying $11 to make the Grand Final at the TAB.
Put a hunji on it.
If they don’t make it, you’ve saved fifty bucks.
If they do make it you have $1,100 to go towards buying a ticket.

Edit: Not that I’m spruiking or anything, but if you made that bet your multiplier of the day it would actually be a minimum of $1,155.


Sadly 1100 isn’t enough to get a GF ticket these days.

Especially if somehow we magically get there.

$1100 isn’t enough for a ticket!?!?!

Pfft, even if Essendon made it, that is WAAAAYYYY more than I’d be willing to pay for a game of football.

Wait till we are 3-5 the odds will be irresistible!


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