I just want a 2% discount when we beat Westcoke by 2 points.

Does anybody know when round 1 tickets for our game go on sale?

Weirdly I have brought round 2 tickets already but round 1 not open yet.

59275 on the website today which seems comparable if slightly down on last year.

Triggered only with a $200 minimum spend.

Almost exactly the same. Freebies excluded, tracking to about 81-82,000. Need to offer those thoughtful ‘free’ flexi 1 gamers again to hit a record based on current tracking :thinking::smile:

Would the bomber shop.apply the $30 discount just by showing your membership?

Usually they do, and sometimes they even find discount codes you didn’t know you had.

I can’t recall, but are you supposed to get this every year? I am not in a milestone year but I got mine in the mail recently and all I received was my member card and some stickers

I got a email today from the membership dept telling me they are still waiting from a 3rd party to get the $30 vouchers. Hopefully by the end of the month they should have them

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MCG tickets sale dates

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Essendon just put out on their website that tickets were on sale from Tuesday the 21st.

Deadset got no idea sometimes this club

Ah yep,and Ticket master/AFL says 27 Feb… so WTF?

Ill just fire up the Delorean