I’d love to be that confident but not quite convinced just yet.

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Before the bye. :zipper_mouth_face:


I’m currently a member with guaranteed access to grand final tickets (on the 1% chance that we make it), but I’ve been told by the club that there are no membership options that guarantee access to the regular finals games.

Anyone know any differently?

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Yep I believe that is true, and even with Grand Final depends on numbers of tickets available.

High Mark Members are supposed to have a guarantee but I will believe when it happens.

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High mark and silver are priority for GF access and are guaranteed a ticket. These higher type of memships are capped per club, iirc 5k members per club.

Grand Final Guarantee is a scam and should be avoided at all costs. You only have to read some of the other clubs forums offering similar, yet those members miss out. It’s essentially a guarantee you will go into the ballot, not get a ticket.

For normal finals games, first in beat dressed.


Even the Eagles game is selling well too, obviously people now acting to avoid missing out even a decent time away.

Membership is becoming of more value this year.

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Thanks for prompt, just snagged some too!

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Members get access to purchase normal finals tickets before the general public.

How many members do we have now?

The tally isn’t counting all categories. It’s listed at 76.7k but I understand it’s about 3-4K above same time last year. And i’m sure it’s rising ahead of last year as momentum is strong on field…

So we have a lot of front running supporters?

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No, probably a few that are not sitting on the fence waiting for Dods to leave.

Every club does.

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Collingwood were getting 40k - 45k against the likes of Port Adelaide up until 2022, now 65k is the norm 2 years later.

Theyll probably push 70k against Adelaide tomorrow which is completely unheard of.

Bandwagons gonna happen.

Collingwood were drawing 22-29k on several occasions against interstate sides even as late as 2017/8.

I’m a silver member and have seen there’s a new Gold membership that includes guest passes…this option seems to be better value than High Mark but is it actually better?? Should I swap?

I’m a HM member and it’s main attraction to be is a designated actual seat, which for me is in bay 38 (wing). So Gold wouldn’t suit me better but if not having a designated seat isn’t the end of the world then it looks pretty good to me.

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20,000 at the MCG against Fremantle in 2016…
on a Friday night…

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