Mid Season Draft — Operation Replace Devon completed

These are both true. If they don’t get taken in the midseason draft, they’d also be F/S eligible in the regular draft. Players remain F/S eligible until they’ve been on an AFL list.

How many years have 10 non-U18 players gone in the draft, and that is with a full year’s worth of form under their belt?

I got motivated and did some online research…

At the start of this season, only six clubs had a vacant list position (Gold Coast, Carlton, GWS, Melbourne, Port Adelaide and Hawthorn)…our name would currently slot into that list with pick 5…but more teams are expected to announce retirements/LTIs, so that they can participate in this mid season draft.

The only requirement for player eligibility appears to be this: You must have nominated for the last national draft.

I assume that means 19 year olds who have returned to play TAC as an over-ager, may well be eligible?

Now…2018 was probably an extreme year for mature age recruits, due to the GC/CARL concessions. But it’s as far back as I can be bothered going…anyway, I think the mature age recruits at that 2018 draft included:


  • Nathan Kreuger
  • Shane Mcadam
  • Josh Corbett
  • Chris Burgess
  • Sam Collins


  • Vandermeer (37)…19yo combine tested 2017.
  • Cavarra (45)
  • Parker (47)
  • Hind (54)
  • Answerth (55)…19yo combine tested 2017.
  • H.ore (56)
  • Schultz (57)
  • Bewley (59)
  • Fort (65)
  • Young (67)
  • Ham (72)…19yo, did he nominate for the 2017 draft?
  • Hayes (78)

Forgive any errors, or omissions, but I’m just having a stab at this…and my conclusion is gravitating towards this statement…was Dea worth sacrificing early access to a player that will be picked in the 50s, or maybe even the 40s?

I appreciate the counter-arguments, like, you need to see these players complete their current season to really know what pick they are worth…etc.


@Darli will have you killed for suggesting we can dump Dea.

We dumped him last year…but then we kissed and made up!

I feel like Costanza…when he’s desperate to get back with his girlfriend who made his life miserable…and then as soon as he does it he says “I’ve made a terrible mistake”!

Agree with the sentiment. But there is a pretty high chance someone sustains an lti in the first half of the year though. You’d back that in 9 times out of 10.

Kurt tippett about to retire to open up a selection for Sydney

Will St Kilda now be on the list with the Mullet taking an extended break? Can he be considered LTI?

I’m a bit thick. These teams taking someone mid-season because they have an LTI — is the person sacked after the LTI is over (potentially the next day), or does the team get to have an extra player till the end of the year?

Pity the team who loses a player the day after — they spend the rest of the season two players down on the team who lost a player early?

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Players taken in the mid season draft stay until seasons end

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Do they have the right to hold onto them the next year?

Yes I think that was the case

Pretty sure that…these mid-season draftees are categorised as ROOKIES…and will be treated the same as all other rookies that are coming out of contract at the end of this year.

If a team brings in a mid-season draft player, the LTI player isn’t allowed to play again this year (unless they come back to replace another LTI).


Yep. They get a minimum of $50k for this year but can submit their own contract terms before nominating. At seasons end they can be re-signed by the club the same as existing rookies or they become a DFA and available in the draft. If they are not picked up they get a further $20k compo.

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Decent summary at the bottom of this article

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Isnt Kobe on the LTI so we have a spot for the draft?

We promoted McNeice didn’t we?

We wouldn’t have top end access anyway. We’d be as low as 9th in the queue.

And he’s only expected to be out for 10-12 weeks from Round 3. You’d probably need season-enders.