Mid Season Draft — Operation Replace Devon completed

Watch clubs find a way to loophole this one.

What if you injured the new recruit?

I wonder if the club can have first dibs on the player come end of year? We dont have a player to replace come MSD so it doesn’t bother me. But Bulldogs for Picken might be looking to keep them if they are good enough.

We dont have access as Mutch isn’t season ending.

That’d be right, we finally have a decent VFL team, the along comes the mid-season draft.


Is this even a thing

Only maybe 16 players max to be taken so the chances of us losing anyone is fairly slim IMO

And realistically, nobody’s going to be redrafting Hocking, seriously. A lot of the others are rank long shots too.

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Hence “would” - if we had an opportunity., we “would” be as low as 9th.
Not we are 9th.

I’d be surprised if there is more than 2 picks used in the whole mid-season draft

Wouldn’t we get a selection with Lavender retiring through injury at the start of the year?

Cat B rookie. Don’t think he counts as a primary listed player.

Sibbald would be an attractive option for a couple of teams. Liam Mckenna also, if he’s nominated.

Lavender was cat B. We can replace him at any time with any other cat-B eligible player, no need to wait for the midseason draft.

We might need a Ruckman in the MSD

That would be great waste of of pick.

If Bellchambers gets injured today, who is our Ruckman?

deckhams ego.

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Clarke? Its exactly why we drafted him