Mid Season Draft — Operation Replace Devon completed

He’s injured

He was touch and go for this week, he will play next week

Tbell, Clarke, Draper, Smack, Joey

We’ve been unlucky with tall injuries… but that’s enough cover I reckon. There are other more enticing options in the unlikely event that we would take anyone.

Ruckman is what we could be chasing if Draper has done the knee, any candidates?

A pox on anyone who wished we could be in this draft!


Just a heads up, whilst we were watching Kelly kill it against us yesterday, the guy who beat him in the Sandover - Haiden Schloithe was dominating for South Fremantle against the Eagles reserves (SFFC won easy). I’d say this year is probably his last chance but we can never have enough quality mids and I think he would be a quality pick up.

I think recruiters have been reticent as he was on Freo’s list and would be a classic case of drafted too early - has since become the consummate professional. Wonder if the Woosha South Fremantle connection might get him a look in (it’s what got Matthew Parker of St Kilda training with us the year before he was drafted).

Would love to see him picked up but gather we have no spots? Is that right?


How old is he?

Haiden Schloithe


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I hope he enjoys being Myers’s understudy

We should get Paul salmon out of retirement


So any ruckman in this thing?

I suggest we go and recruit a tall basketball type on the Cat B list who played footy as a junior ruckman.

or Bogut can walts in after playoffs as a cat B Rookie. Bit old tho at 34.

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So unfortunately this thread just became relevant.

My preference would be to find the best genuine midfielder at state league level and being him in.

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Riley Bowman seems like a no brainer pick for us now with Draper down and heaps of our forwards struggling for fitness

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I reckon its a complete waste picking up another ruckman. We have belly, clarke, joe and smack back in a month. Its a free hit at hopefully the next tim kelly

Use it on a state league midfielder. Perhaps even a small forward who is better than bags.


Completely in agreement, Stewart rucks also

Any mid we get will be crap. Let’s get a backup ruck. We can use them in the VFL

Why would we waste an AFL spot on a VFL ruckman? We already have Z Clarke to carry the ruck load with back ups from our VFL listed players.

To improve as a club we are far better off trying to find the next Tim Kelly. Even someone half as good would be a wise investment.

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No matter how good our midfield is, without structure were stuffed (see Sunday).

Sure Clarke is available, but he seems risky given calves are notoriously old man injuries.

McKernan is a massive question mark.

Do we really want Daniher rucking?

Structurally a taller McKernan type is ideal.

Not sure if the player we need exists, but maybe Corey Gault is about as close as well get to it as a mature player. Or a younger type with similar qualities but upside?