Mid Season Training Report - Saturday 4th June 2022

Headed along to the Hanger to watch training and see what the 2 new boys are like.

Massimo and Menzie are both built pretty solidly, similar height but their body’s look more like 22 year old’s rather than skinny 18/19 yo. Massimo was on the rehab oval doing some kicking drills with a few others, while Jye participated in main training. He did a few nice things but he knows where the goals are. I think we will him in the seniors this season.

Overall training intensity was a lot higher than I witnessed earlier in the year. Match sim had more intensity. Heard Merrett and Stringer both demanding higher standards for example yelling out “not f’ing good enough” when a short kick was turned over in the backline.

Another drill I found interesting was a when the tackling bags were brought out and the player had to tackle the bag, then army crawl under a hurdle before receiving a ground ball off a coach. Working on 2nd efforts I assume.

Notes on players.

Hurls just ran some laps before going inside. Looks still a way off it.

Lav only ran laps, but he has been doing that for weeks. Doesn’t training much with his knee.

Redman was on light duties too, just ran some laps.

Didn’t see Mcgrath train, might have been inside.

Snelling, Guelfi, Caldwell and D’Ambrosio on the rehab oval. Guelfi might be in his last week of rehab, touch and go I say for Friday. Snelling still maybe a few more weeks. Caldwell still nursing shoulder I feel.

Langford completed most training with the main group before some rehab running. Closer to playing than Snelling.

Stringer completed full training.

Interesting news on Stewart, the big change was that he was playing forward in match sim and according to other track watchers there has been talk that they may try him back up forward in the 2nd half of the season. He looked really good today, took some ripping marks up forward.

Tex – played some time as a centre bounce mid and looked impressive with his breakaway clearances. Wouldn’t mind seeing him play VFL for a few weeks and get midfield time so he can find more ball then bring him back into AFL.

Voss – back in match sim and training, should see him in the VFL this week.

Everybody else trained.

Stringer will be in this week and I think Guelfi and Langford will be tests.


Thanks ASB18, nice to see we are thinking of doing things differently in the forward line and that Jakey isn’t that far away.

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Could I humbly ask for a Frang report? Thought he might spend the extra week off in Renmark.
With Stew fwd was Frang back?

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Francis was mainly forward but he might have played some time back, they were swapping around a little bit.




Cheers for the report! Glad to hear Stringer is back in full training - was he in good shape?

Yeah Jake looked in good shape. He has been doing a lot of running in previous weeks I was told.


This training report has filled me with hope.
All the pain from the season has been erased.
Heading to lid off thread.


Great report! cheers.

Sounds like we’ll be getting some players back which will help both the seniors and VFL team.

Langford a chance for Carlton or do you think he returns via the VFL?

Haha I tried to keep it positive as much as possible. I could report on turnovers, skill errors, Drapers poor ball drop but lets not ruin another weekend :wink:


Thanks for the update!

How the actual ■■■■ is Snelling not ready? Did he have an amputation? He hurt himself in Round 4 and it’s Round 11? I demand answers!


If he trains fully this week I’d say he would be a chance to come straight in, otherwise maybe plays limited minutes in the VFL.


Even if Stewart is consigned to the 2s, it’s better for him to play forward and allow McBride and Brand to properly audition for the KPB spots.

May also take heat off Eyre and allow him to build his confidence taking a step down in importance


Like last week when Francis and Baldwin were the main targets and Eyre got 3 kicks?


Stewart is not a top class player, but he’s not bad. He’s much better forward than back. He’s more mobile than Wright; he can take a mark; and he’s a pretty good kick for goal. It was silly to try him down back and even sillier to persist when it was clear he wasn’t going to succeed; he’s got the height and weight to be a key back, but he can’t match it with the big forwards body on body.

We still need a big key back.


Stewart is another form of Francis, has a great tool bag of tricks and athletic traits to work with and no ability to put it together for more than a qtr here and there.

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Just another attempt at a negative comment about the club?
You know what? Sometimes some injuries are worse than others! Sometimes some players take longer to heal.
I suppose your assumption is the club have just ■■■■■■ up another players injury?
Because yeah, that’s what we do. Why do we want to get him back playing again! Surely it’s much better to keep him injured

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ASB18, do you think it’s fair to say that @nackers is Blitz’s Tippa? Much-loved, but has lost the desire and has now given it away?


Snelling still not ready? Lol, you can’t make this stuff up

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We have Reid now who looks like he will be more then capable. Glad this frees up Stewart to play forward

Thanks for the report ASB. Stringer back is great to hear, our forward line getting more dangerous each week now woth Jones back also.

FF: Hobbs 2MP Stringer
HF: Perkins Stewart Jones