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Netanyahu’s supposed ‘virtue signals’ to his base (like those of Trump) are hardly reflective or representative of Israel’s collective morality. The same way Peter Dutton’s views on torturing children are not representative of Australia… (I hope)


You mean aside from the whole “Yeah, sure, a guy was murdered, but the person responsible is important to Israel’s security, so who cares”?


Putting war as a reprehensible act to the side for a moment - it’s difficult to wage war in a similar way and on equal footing when the tools for the job are a complete universe apart, as is the finance for it. When you have dirt, you fight dirty, basically. I know I wouldn’t be checking the Queen of Marksbury rules before laying out an immensely stronger opponent.


That’s not what he said. But you know that already.


moral army?

fkg lol


Good argument.


There are lots of problems with this line of thinking.

  1. You are assuming that if both sides had equal access to weapons, Israeli civilians would no longer have anything to fear. Terrorists are only terrorists because their technology is inferior. I don’t believe you could be more wrong in this assumption.

  2. That murdering innocent women and children in the street is somehow justifiable or can be rationalised. There is no excuse for Ari Fulder’s murder that I will remotely entertain.


It’s a good one isn’t it.


Yeah, won’t be arguing with you mate.
I could do this forever, but not on a forum.


Fair enough



Like father like son


He’s a little turd that bloke.
Desperate to be a big time gangster like daddy.


Morrison announces that Australia will recognise West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Gets immediately panned by Palestinians for acknowledging any bit of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Gets immediately panned by Israelis for not acknowledging ALL of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Warnings immediately issued for Australians travelling to Muslim countries as a result of the announcement.

I read someone or other on twitter say “if Scott Morrison had a duck, it would drown”. They’re not far wrong.


Hang on!
This is Isreal, not the Middle East!



He specifically stated that he recognised West Jerusalem as a capital for Israel, and East Jerusalem as a future Palestinian capital. Which is essentially part of the two-state solution that both sides have talked about.

All the carry on is just posturing by two sides who can’t see past their noses.


To be fair, we’re talking about very big noses here.


Well I suppose I did leave plenty of room to be picky.


It’s snot about you.



I can’t see a divided Jerusalem going ahead. I had a look at the condominium proposition during my studies and think it may be the most feasible.