Midfield Trade Targets

I am hearing of interest in Anthony Miles of Richmond FC?



Will be a great get! No Hocking or Bird for the VFL team next year, he slots straaight in!


We will need someone to replace Hocking, Bird and Howlett in the VFL

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Wouldn’t be the worst pick up for us.


Apparently not happy at RFC. In a similar position to Bird. In and under type, not too bad.

Wouldn’t be far off.

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Zantuk won that accolade long ago


Green and Stewart helped the forward line but were not high profile picks.

I’d like to jag a really smart money ball pick that people didnt see coming that can work into the mix.

I dont know much about Miles other than him being tough at it but we need to have a go at a few ideas.

He’s the classic type of fringe scania player that we’d target. I can 100% see it happening.


Nick Hind


If this actually worked it would certainly fit into that category

We need tough inside mids. Even if only to get us to a more developed stage with draftees.


Explain it to me like im stupid.

We have 3 guys more or less the same body shape and pace and skill set getting huge numbers in the VFL almost every week. If we really thought Craig Bird was what we needed, and clearly we don’t, we could just keep Craig Bird.

Miles can play, and I imagine he’ll be a worthwhile get for someone, but I don’t think it’s us.

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What about selection has given you the impression the club think toughness or scrapping in there is the problem?
We need good mids. Outside and inside.

Nothing to explain that you don’t know.
In an ideal world, we would pick up at least one inside mid gun. Preferably one that can range outside. Like - Kelly. In less-than-optimal world, where we aren’t able to secure this pseudo-beast despite our best efforts, we need to fill a gap - a glaring gap, in our list - particularly over the next 1 or 2 years. Laverde, Langford, Mutch, Begley and Ridley may all flop, all succeed, or more than likely a combination. Either way, we will be taking bigger mids in the draft. But they take a few years to come into it. Team balance+success now require bodies at 23-27 years old - now. To support the youngsters.


Could do worse than pick up a mid that knows how to rack them up and is a ■■■■■■ good centre clearance player.

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I suggest if we’re going to get a tough inside player… let’s just get a wrecking ball.

Nash Holmes.


35 possies in the reserves final. BOG