Midlife Crisis

So I have been in the same industry (Financial Services - Customer facing) for 20 years and am bored beyond belief by it. I need change.

Curious if anyone has experience in a total career change. I dont want to go to uni. Too long a turn around although would consider apprenticeships. Not about money, just about finding a new challenge. Something that probably doesnt involve looking at a screen all day.


Does your company offer career breaks?

I’m in a similar boat. 20 years in the Army, starting to plan my exit, but mystified as to what I should do afterwards.

They do Wim, which I hadnt thought about. Would be an option although cant imagine I will want to go back

The main issue is what path to try that won’t be totally made worthless by the IT industry.

I’m facing the same thing - my industry is about to die a quick death after being a lucrative gold mine for the past 20 years.

But with the way leaps in tech can change an industry in a heart beat, you have to choose carefully.

Was at a conference last week and they were discussing this exact thing. Amazon Dash is closing a supermarket a week in California.

Scary situation to be in.

In my industry (communications) they are automating almost everything. It is a tough situation in a lot of industries whereby they are either moving their workforce off-shore or automating it.

Choose carefully.

If you are good with your hands then maybe look at something like a trade.


Well, no. You wouldn’t feel that way right now.
You can always choose not to take it up if you’re settled in a new job.
Assuming they let you work while on it, I don’t know.
But I think you’d be silly not to look into it.


very true

I didn’t get quite have a midlife crisis AB but I took some unpaid leave (6 months with possible extension) for a totally different role this year. So far, it’s been a great move for me. I have been exposed to areas that I never would have been exposed to in my old role. I’ve picked up skills that I wouldn’t have picked up in my old role. I’m still no closer as to whether I’ll stay in the role permanently but in terms of a career change, I can’t fault it .


Not saying this is the answer, but I enjoyed my time in NW WA a lot.
Having said that, 18 months was enough.
And coming back to my old job (and entitlements) would have been nice.

It’s worked out pretty well anyway, I love the role I have now. Although, again, that’s not for everyone.

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I know what you blokes are going through. I’m a programmer, but in a very niche market (print/mail). Printed/mail is a declining technology, so I do worry at times where I’ll be at in 5-10 years time. Aus Post are putting up the cost of mail items 2-3 times a year, I remember when I started a same state, barcoded direct mail article (DLX size) cost $0.39, now the cost is at best $0.89, and that’s at an off-peak rate (3-5 business days delivery). For “priority” servicing it is over the $1 mark. It’s basically a disincentive to use print, more and more we are using electronic delivery mediums. For me it’s about trying to find industries and roles where I have transferrable skill. Having been in the industry 12 years it is hard to do that…

Same position hate my industry taking a pay cut and going into something more human for myself. Also studying e-commerce now and have started an online business that is growing slowly. After years of putting up with CARNTS at work I know now i need to have my own business.

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Buy a leather jacket.

A nice one.


Strangely, my ideal job would be in shorts. I have worn suits and ties my whole life and I despise them


My career goal was to have a job where I could wear jeans and a t-shirt every day.

Hit that in my mid 20’s. Admittedly I didn’t aim very high.


how long have you got left in your professional life, AB?

I am 42. A fair while

A friend of mine quit from my company and became an electrician. He has never been happier and he was in his late 30’s at the time.

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TBH, that is one that is really appealing…

I’m there with you! Same :rowing_man:

You get up dressing putting the uniform on and know what awaits for you.

You start counting down the days, hours before you even arrive to start the week

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