Might I enquire as to the location of the team — it’s in here

Whoever finds him gets named at full forward. This week it was Merrett.


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Deledio is still running around these days?

barely… i think hes still stunned that he missed out on a flag with the Tigers. look at his face:


I guess no melts till the team is trimmed.

There are only barely enough KPPs in that team. Let’s hope none of them get injured.

Don’t forget Francis, Z Clarke and Zerk lurking on the bench, and Brown and Ridley on HBF.

Brown going forward balances the side, with Francis going to the back 6 or 7, and if there are injuries, there is a possibility of Z Clarke rotating forward with Belly and Zerk taking a 3rd tall or the like, or even Ridley could play tall.

I do prefer the no injury version though, for now.

I am not sure we are so getting fined.

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You would think the first four would be playing ,unless there are injury concerns over anyone named on he field .

I was assuming Brown to CHF and Francis to the backline. Zerk-Thatcher is potentially a KPP, but untried. Zac Clarke is a ruckman and Ridley a flanker; neither is a KPP.


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Woosha throws up Riddles, goes Br. Zerk.

Damn it, I’m gonna keep using this lame line until it comes true. Both deserve a game.

Surely we play 1 ruck. Clarke is insurance.

Francis, Smith and Walla are a given

Feel like Laverde might get the 4th Bench spot over Guelfi and Parish

Wholeheartedly deserved. Well done to the young kid.

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Z Clark and Zerk ain’t playing mate

For those who can’t read the screenshot

B – Adam Saad, Patrick Ambrose, Conor McKenna
HB – Mitch Brown, Michael Hurley, Jordan Ridley
C – David Zaharakis, David Myers, Dylan Shiel
HF – Dyson Heppell, Jake Stringer, Mark Baguley
F – Zach Merrett, Shaun McKernan, Orazio Fantasia
R – Tom Bellchambers, Kyle Langford, Andrew McGrath
I/C – Matt Guelfi, Devon Smith, Aaron Francis, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, Darcy Parish, Zac Clarke, Jayden Laverde

Probably have to say the first 4 will make the cut. Or maybe Guelfi misses for Parish but I doubt it


Why is Bags getting a game ahead of all the players on the bench?

If you’d watched any of Essendon’s games recently, you wouldn’t ask that question.


Paddy Ambrose…when fit and available he’s in. Obviously the coaches think a lot more of him than a lot of people on this site.


I watched the jlt, he was ordinary.