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For those that enjoy this pod … and would like to see even more VFL focus …here’s your chance

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An article on the AFL site suggesting that Nick Hind is in R1 calculations with the Saints.

I hope they get flogged every week but I wish all the best to Nick.

Worked hard and got an opportunity.

I have a feeling he’s going o be very useful at AFL level with his line breaking speed.


disappointing there was no photo of @theDJR, but maybe a feature article is coming

and now with more pics

Gallery: VFL training

Reigning Essendon VFL best-and-fairest Aaron Heppell prepares for another big season in the red and black. (Photo: Essendon Football Club)

Preparations for the 2019 VFL season are in full swing for the Bombers, as they look to build on an impressive 2018 campaign which saw them reach the preliminary final.

Though yet to finalise its 2019 squad, Essendon VFL will be guided by senior coach Dan Jordan for the second successive season, while reigning best-and-fairest winner Aaron Heppell and skipper Heath Hocking will again don the sash.

Former Essendon fan favourite Ricky Dyson will be an exciting addition to the coaching panel , which also includes fellow assistants Ben Patrick and Matt Firman.

The Bombers kick off their VFL season in an away game against Frankston on Sunday, April 7.

Below is a selection of the club’s images from training at The Hangar this week.

New assistant coach Ricky Dyson.

Assistant coach Ben Patrick.

New assistant coach Matt Firman.

Aaron Heppell.

Jake McQueen.

Aaron Heppell.

Heath Hocking.

Wilson Berry.

Luke Collins.

Nick Dixon.

Danny Younan attempts a grab.

Ricky Dyson offers some words of wisdom.

Danny Younan.

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Ricky Dyson still hot.

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Still looking arrogant?

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There’s a secret revolving door at the Hangar, and Kurt knows where it is.


Would think given he moved back to Ireland, that he has been given some indication that if all goes well he could be listed by the AFL side.

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It’s Hind vs Connellan. There will be plenty of comparisons going forward I’d think.

With a 2.78 second 20m sprint in his arsenal (just 0.03 seconds off draft record-holder Joel Wilkinson), Connellan could prove to be an important addition to the side with dasher Nick Hind departing the Bombers for his own AFL opportunity at Moorabbin.

My Dad was from Athlone. I’ll take that as a good omen. I think having him on the list might help McKenna too. He always seems a bit homesick to me.

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someone to share a Guinness with

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The Stable Pony!

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Hope the kid makes the most of his chance with the VFL team. Imagine if this comes off and he turns out to be Connor 2.0. McKenna, Saad and this guy, the speed in our team would be INSANE!

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Heppell captain of AFL and VFL. Nepotism.

We also have acquired Liam McKenna, he’s in the leadership group. Anyone heard of/seen him?

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I’m sure little Heppel will be a great choice but I’m surprised they moved Buddha aside, he seemed like the perfect VFL captain & on field coach

Buddha is a team man, I wouldn’t be surprised if he handed over the reigns to Heppell.


I imagine we could slide him onto the rookie B list if he looks like he has a chance


He did exactly that.