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Round 12:

Bates 3 vs FC!

Round 13:

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 9.32.44 pm


Round 14:


Give her/the team goal of the year, damnit!

DeMatteeeeeeeeeooooo is in trouble now.

HOLY ■■■■.

What a final round!

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Mifsud says she was inspired by Nanscawen.

Just like the ladder movements in the last round of the season…

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Chaston our top on 8, probably.

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Chasten is our most noticeable player.
She’s a good chance to make it onto an AFLW list with another season like that.
Froggy getting low votes but winning our B&F is fair enough. I didn’t really rate her that highly until the last month of footy games. We value her way higher than the rest of the league do.

If we had two Molans as well as two Toogoods, to play one mid and one key position…


Someone help the little old lady.

For lack of a better place to post this:

@PH_WARFRadio might have an opinion on this.

I got a phone call from a commentator about six months ago, and they told me CluchTV wouldn’t survive the year.

Another commentator has an outstanding invoice for $4,000 and is worried he won’t get paid.

I dealt with them last year (by default) when they were taking our commentary feed for the VFLW and found them to be disorganised.


4 games in 2018, since you didn’t ask.

Ward joined the Bombers in 2015. Most recently, Ward has held the dual role of Head of AFLW and AFL Operations Manager.

Ward’s new role as General Manager – AFLW, will see her lead the entire Women’s Football program, both at AFLW and VFLW levels.

Ward, who formerly played in Essendon’s VFLW side, has successfully assisted in leading the women’s program as Head of AFLW. In 2022, she played a major role in securing the club’s AFLW licence to help establish the Bombers’ first playing list and coaching structure.

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I believe this is the extent of the coverage she received across those four games (this is from the last of them).

I’d also forgotten BZT, Ridley, and Redman turned up for this interesting game at Merv Hughes Oval.

That ground is basically a circle, and there was a massive wind to the southern wing, keeping it trapped there for large parts of the game. The Footscray bench was on the southern wing… and ours was on the northern wing. Game was so rigged; we fell short by a goal.

#1 Trend retired, and gone to the #1 club.

Brendan Rhode’s team reviews have finally started!

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Gourley returned to Arden Street earlier this year as the club’s new AFLW head of development after a stint as an AFLW assistant coach at North Melbourne from 2019-2021 and at Essendon in 2022.

Willy like our players.

(OK, it was only one game in 2021.)

Monique Dematteeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooo has dropped the Pies and gone to Darebin, and taken Riley Christgoergl with her.