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Add Caitlin Bunker to the list fleeing from the Pies to the Falcons.

They also have a coach now (Lachlan Walker).

Worst-kept secret.


Not liking your post.

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Doubt I’m getting a like for this one either :frowning:

How did fellow Cannon Mali never get a game with us, either?

Please be photoshopped please be photoshopped…

Oh fark.

Nope, no like for you!

The AFL have dropped their fark-awful rule that ex-AFLW players count towards the cap of ten allowed in any VFLW game.

Source: discussion with Nat Woods just now, who was urinated off when they introduced it at the last second last year, and screwed up her spreadsheet of plans for 2023.


AFL has confirmed same teams, rounds, and finals arrangement as last year.

Starts 23 March, in sync with the VFL.

Our two teams first play 8.5 weeks earlier in Darwin, of course.

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Per the VFL thread…

Parts applicable for the VFLW Program…

VFLW Round 1 - Saturday 23 March
Essendon vs. Port Melbourne, NEC Hangar, 10:05 AM (Double-Header with VFL Men’s game)

Swans and GIANTS to compete in part of the VFLW season
In a change to the VFLW fixture for season 2024, the Sydney Swans and GWS GIANTS will compete in part of the season, with each New South Wales-based club to play five matches against VFLW clubs from Rounds 3-7 of the home-and-away season. These matches will be played for premiership points for the competing VFLW clubs.

All matches in the 2024 Smithy’s VFL and VFLW seasons will be live streamed free via the AFL website, AFL Live Official App and VFL App.

Entry to VFLW matches is free. Where venues host VFL and VFLW double-headers, entry fees will apply after half time of the VFLW match if played first.

This just means that each week two reals teams that would have played each other play an interloper instead. Why they couldn’t do one more week of it so everyone gets one such game is a mystery.

They already do this kind of thing for the Coates [?] girls league.

This equalises the ladder a bit (usually the three groups of four play their counterparts twice and everyone else once). So this likely helps us a smidgen, given we finished third last year.

Hopefully the interlopers are also bound by the “only 10 AFLW players” rule. And they can bloody well come down here.

Draw is out.

We’re playing GWS in Blacktown :rage:

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Haven’t yet worked out if bug or only 13 games (contrary to previous advice). We don’t have a game in round 10.

Willy is currently the only double-up for us.

Port also listed as not playing in round 10. Presumably the two of us will play each other for the second time then.

I’d have preferred a crap “top” team like the Pies…

We get 8 home games, and don’t go to Casey or Geelong :white_check_mark:

4 at Tulla, 4 at Windy Hill

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Sydney and GWS get 3 of 5 games at home.

They’ve fixed this now.

Ha, Cats get just 5 home games.

Colac is their 6th “home” game.

They also cop Sydney and Casey.

Last Season: 3rd (9-7-1)
Coach: Cherie O’Neill (1st season, replacing Travis Cloke)

Fixture: PM (H), Wil (H), Dar (A*), WB (A), SS (H), Col (A), GWS (A), Cas (H), NM (A), PM (A), Box (H), Car (H), Wil (A), Gee (H)
Plays Twice: Port Melbourne, Williamstown
VFL Double Headers: 4
Interstate Trips: 1
Summary: Cherie O’Neill arrives at The Hangar after two successful home-and-away seasons coaching Box Hill that yielded 20 wins and three draws but a 0-3 finals record. And her new team confronts a tough fixture that starts with home games against reigning premier Port Melbourne and another finalist in Williamstown – both their double-up opponents. Matches against last year’s bottom two follow and there is also a flight to play guest team GWS in Round 7.
Difficulty Score: 228 (ranked 6th)

AFLW pre-season officially begins June 3, just after round 11 of the VFLW.

Last year we pulled out all of our AFLW players a week earlier than “required”. If we do that again, we will have one extra week this season featuring AFLW top-ups (through to round 9 rather than round 8).