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Red Sox are looking solid going into this season. The young guys are coming along nice. I don’t think we will trouble the World Series but we may be around Post Season. All depends on our Pitching

Cubs are looking good

Got to my first Giants game of the year and took my 4yo daughter with me. Despite my wife’s concerns I did not lose the kid :slight_smile:

Good news was getting to the game. Bad news was only lasting 2 innings before my daughter had had enough!

Oh well, caught the rest of the win on telly!

Mariners 8-10 at Safeco, 17-7 on the road, we sucked at home last year as well while we were over 500 on the road.

Red Sox sweep the Rays. Show dominance again. plus Moncada gets MVP of the futures game today

A little stat for Noonan, credit baseball writer Jeff Passon.

The Braves 2B/SS/3B/OF have a combined three home runs in their 928 at bats, the Mets Pitchers have two in their 52 AB’s.

They’ve been hitting a few recently - I think Francoeur and Smith have a couple each now, Markakis hit one tonight.

Turned it on ( when I got home this morning. Freddie had them play the shift on him and hit his second HR over LF. Why anyone would use the shift on Freeman I’ll never know. He’s not a pull hitter, and hits most of his HR’s over CF. I reckon the shift is like the flood in football and giving up on getting the good bat out to get at the tail-ender - cr*p tactics, but now everyone does it.

I don’t know why left-handed sluggers don’t just try to hit to left and get on base. Stuff trying to pull it. They’d probably get plenty of doubles just hitting the other way.

DonMania’s favourite pitcher, Big Time Timmy Jim, after getting the lemonade from the Giants, has surfaced in LA with the Angels.

And the Braves are roaring towards the post-season now with 4 wins on the trot…only about 20 games back now. Gant beat Harvey yesterday and they came from 3-0 down today to win 4-3.

Bautista smacked one out the park yesterday. No slowing him down…still think he is a prick

Odor only got 8 games

Got to the game last night. Best mate was in town from Melbourne and here celebrating his 40th. Quite an eventful one! Samardzija gave up a HR off the very first pitch of the game to Arizona’s Jean Segura. I thought “here we go, long night coming up”. After 30 pitches and one more run we finally got out of that inning. Next time Segura came up to bat Samardzija hit him (unintentionally I think since it was the exact same pitch that had been hit for an HR). Well, the D’backs in all their infinite wisdom chose to retaliate not by throwing at the pitcher but at Buster Posey. First pitch narrowly missed knee-capping him. Second went behind his head at which point the home plate ump warned both benches. Bochy comes charging out asking for the D’backs pitcher to be ejected and gets ejected himself. Posey walks and the next batter, Crawford, shows the D’backs who is boss by slamming a 2 run HR.

We ended up winning 6-2.

McCann with the goods in the 11th to edge the Tribe, we are still a million miles off it though unfortunately. Going to need a massive turnaround in the second half to even get close

Josh Bell of the Pirates made his major league debut yesterday and got a hit with his one AB. Pinch hit today and hit a grand slam.

Cubs continuing to falter.

Mariners lose 9-8 to the As in the 2nd last game of the season and are eliminated from Wild Card calculations. We’re down 6-4, then 6-5, then 7-5, then evened it up 7-7 in the 7th, then went down 8-7 in the 8th before tying it up 8-8 in the bottom of the 9th, went down 9-8 in the top of the 10th and simply didn’t have another rally in us.

10 days till Pitchers & Catchers report! Lets go!

Red Sox are looking solid going into this season. The young guys are coming along nice. I don't think we will trouble the World Series but we may be around Post Season. All depends on our Pitching

Cubs are looking good

I will cry like a little boy if they win the World Series

Interesting development yesterday which will likely effect the MLB tv subscribers for which I am one. There was an anti trust case being heard surrounds the MLB team’s broadcast partners restriction on selling their games into markets outside of their own. MLB settled the case allowing for people in what were blackout areas to stream those effected teams as long as they have a current cable TV connection.

Now for the part that potentially effects subscribers outside of the US, it is reported they will lower the cost the premium package from $129(USD) to $109, they will also now offer a single team option for $85. We have traditionally just got the exact same offering as a US subscriber so fingers crossed that doesn’t change and we also get to benefit from the new pricing.

All I ask is they fix up their servers, at times its so slow you get buffering even with 70mbps connection. You have to turn wifi off on all other devices to stream it properly!!!

Since I got the NBN in the later part of the season by connection hasn’t been an issue at all, that only on a modest deal where I get 25mbps. I’ve had two games going at once, one on the AppleTV the other on the iPad and had perfect quality on both.

Live games arent so bad. No point trying to watch replays. Most of the time you get an innings in and it resets to the start.

We have telstra cable.

Im looking forward to this year, i think we will be ok.


Owens probably wont see much action

Bradley jr

Getting someone like Prices to head the rotation was an absolute must, wouldn’t have needed to do that if they’d just paid Lester what he was worth at the beginning of his last season with us. Still have major concerns over every pitcher not named Price or Rodriquez, though that’s a bit rough on Porcello who had an ok second half of the season.

A lot comes down to the bats and how guys like Xander, Mookie and Blake continue to progress, is what JBJ did last season a fluke or has he actually turned the corner. Can Hanley and Panda stay fit and be productive. More questions makes then the CAS findings, just looking forward to spring training, not long now.

Reports are that both Ramirez and Sandoval have lost a few kgs each…Rami going in early to work on First base

Probably wise given how their 2015’s went, Hanley had a great start to the season but they both we basically terrible. Those are the chances you take and possible outcomes when you sign players like this and the reason Ben Cherrington is no longer employed.