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De-register and pass Stanton and judge to Red Sox cheers


Cactus and Grapefruit leagues have started.

I see J D Martinez signed with the Red Sox. Not sure what they’re going to do with their lineup. Either Jackie Bradley Jnr or Hanley Ramirez has to go surely, unless they run with Ramirez at first which is unlikely considering they resigned Mitch Moreland.

They can’t offload Betts or Benintendi.

And Eric Hosmer signed with the Padres.


Giants get their first win against the Dodgers for the year #BeatLA. Panda looking in good nick.


I will be extremely annoyed if he has a big year


Will be a bench player. Thank you for paying his salary :grinning:


Gerrit cole pitched 2 solid innings for my astros today…had to give up a couple of players but am happy they have strengthened the rotation again!


Lock em in for back to back if they stay healthy


I will be here crying in a fetal position.

A day after losing Samardzija we now lose Mad Bum for at least 2-3 months with a broken pinky in the pitching hand.

Screw this season.


Opening day today

Giancarlo Stanton opens his Yankee career with 2 homers. Yanks beat Jays 6-1 in Tronno.

Matt Davidson 3 homers for the Chisox

BoSox wasted 9 K’s from Chris Sale to give up a 4-run lead in the 8th in Tampa

Braves came from 5-2 down in the 8th to tie it in the 8th before Nick Markakis walked them off with a 3-run HR. Freeman with a 2-run HR early.


Stanton very impressive, hopefully a sign of things to come and now just need Judge to get going


@DonMania no longer Panik-stricken as the Giants beat the Dodgers 1-0 in LA.


Normal service has resumed for my astros…only took springer 3 pitches to hit a dinger!


First player ever to hit a leadoff homer in two successive seasons.


Red Sox walking 3 guys. They lost the lead 5-4 in the 8th… at that stage rays had 3 hits! Joe Kelly ain’t much chop


AND F’ING again just as I read your message!!!


gerrit cole 11k.s in his first start for the astros…our rotation is looking very very strong!


Whitesox over .500. Ill enjoy it while it lasts


After pitching his first Major League win yesterday, Ohtani hits his first Major League dinger today.


And second today.

Two pleasing wins for the Braves over the Nationals - yesterday 13-5 with 3-run homers from Tucker and Freeman, and another from Tucker today off Max Scherzer in a 7-1 win. As usual, Harper made mincemeat of Teheran. Hits homers off him for fun.

I still have grave doubts about Julio Teheran…opening day pitcher for the last 5 years, but I reckon they wouldn’t be averse to trading him if they get something good back in return. Tucker is doing a good job in keeping LF warm for Acuña when he comes up in the next fortnight. Flaherty doing well too at 3B.

Yanks 7-2 over the Rays with the big 3 all hitting 2-run shots in Judge, Stanton and Sanchez.

Rastros go to 6-1 with a 3-2 win over the O’s.

Chisox 4-3 over the Jays with a monster homer from Abreu to put the Sox up to stay.

And Giants 10-1 over the Mariners, Panda with a 3-run shot.


Always great when one has been stuck in soul-crushing meetings all afternoon, gets into one’s car a defeated man, turns on the radio to hear the Giants, and the very first sentence on the radio begins with “Each of the 4 home runs the Giants have struck today…”