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Red Sox have started the season well. 10 runs this morning


Should be 8-0 thou.


Braves won their first away game in Denver and lost in extras today on a bases-loaded 4-pitch walk.

Stiff not to tie it in the 8th on a reviewed call at first. Rockies got the call purely because the umpire called him out. So close! Then Freeman doubles in the man on 2nd…man on first would have scored easily.


2-7 in the 8th and Red Sox score 6 and win. Next up Yanks are in town. Big series as at this point we have played Tampa for more than half our games


That McCutchen walk off HR is the best moment the Giants have had in 3 seasons. Epic.


Couple of nice brawls today. Rockies and Padres was crazy


Bit of biffo at Fenway. Surely Austin knew he was going to get hit after he did a dirty slide into second on Brock Holt.

Yanks win 10-7 though with Sanchez a couple of HR’s. Mookie Betts salami. Price left after the first with “a strange sensation in his left hand”.

Braves come out of DC after losing low scoring games to Scherzer and Strasburg and then blowing 2 saves in winning 5-3 in the 12th. Went into the 9th leading 2-1 and gave up a homer to Matt Adams. Then Suzuki gave them a lead in the 11th and that got blown. Another perilously close call at home went against them after Inciarte got called out, looked like he was just safe and wasn’t overturned. Now go into Wrigley with the Cubs bats warming up, winning 13-5 today.


Price has been such a waste of money.

Kelly suspended 6 games


Red Sox took a 6-0 lead over the Yanks into the 9th. Walks and 2 errors by Devers loaded them with no outs, Sanchez cleared them with a double. Kimbrel comes in and sorts out the trouble.


Giants treading water with 3/5ths of the starting rotation on the DL. Quite happy to only be 1 game below .500.


Preston Tucker making his hits count this season - 3 homers - each worth 3 runs. Braves beat Cubs 4-0.


gerrit cole fans 14 for his second win for the astros!


Wow the Braves just absolutely imploded against the Cubs


Good start to the day…woke up with the Braves leading 10-5 going into the bottom of the 8th. 2 hit batters, 5 walks, 3 hits, 1 wild pitch and 1 throwing error later, they’re down 14-10.

And most of the walks were four pitch walks…Ramirez and S Freeman came in under pressure and simply couldn’t handle it. Bases clear, hit a batter then walk a couple then give up a hit. Reminded on of the Rick ‘The Wild Thing’ Vaughn loading the bases on 12 pitches. Baez cleared them with a double, then it was rinse and repeat.

You really wonder what the starting pitcher, who leaves with a great lead, will say to these cowards. Hopefully two or three fresh pitchers coming up from the minors.


Red Sox keep rolling


19-1 in 2 games in Anaheim…Red Sox are on fire…Devers with another Grand Slam!


Braves take 2 from 3 against a streaking Phillies then batter Matt Harvey to win 12-4 against the streaking Mets.

Jose Ramirez, he of the abject surrender against the Cubs, gave up 4 runs in the 10th in the loss. Thankfully now on the DL (I’d have that stand for De Listed).

Tucker 5 RBI today, making it hard for Acuña to take his spot. 3 3-run HR’s before today, 2-run double and a base-clearing double today.

Red Sox up 3-2 in Anaheim.


Win 8-2 Scoring 27 runs in 3 games…unbelievable. Next up Oakland


And the Red Sox follow up their hitting spree with getting no-hit by Sean Manaea in Oakland.


Amazing game from Manaea.

Really hoping that this is the making of him and he turns into big time pitcher.

Between Olsen and Chapman, I think that the future is looking pretty bright for us again.

Fingers crossed.