Mlb 2018


Yep, not looking good


Porcello going strong and bats are helping out!!!


Kimbrel came in with a 4-1 lead.

Walked Judge, Gregorius singled, Stanton flies out, Voit walked, Walker HBP scoring one, Sanchez sac fly

Torres grounds out to end it…but challenged. Should be out and is.

Red Sox through to ALCS vs Astros


What a finish!


Kimbrel was a bit all over the shop.


Disappointing and a massive failure for the season. Management really needs to have a good hard look at themselves


That would’ve bought back a few demons for Red Sox fans for a bit there



I’m over the moon


Some douche threw a beer a Kimbrel

Man he was choking there!! Finally get passed the ALDS. Onto the Astros.

Which ever team wins this wins the World Series I believe.


Two cops stood there watching the bloke who threw the can.

Wonder if he got arrested…either for throwing it, or for missing.


And then Kimbrel went out and pitched as good as the can thrower.

Sort of a pity I reckon that the AL isn’t the World Series this year. Best two sides in it. Should be a cracking series.


You know what ■■■■■ me
Sit down to watch the replay albeit abbreviated to 2 hours, but without any warning all of a sudden there’s runners on base when we come back from an ad
At least wanna see the at bat or how we got to runners at corners :rage:




Nothing irritates me more in footy than when they show a replay of something that has happened and have it take up the entire screen whilst play is rolling and you miss what is actually happening during the game.

■■■■■ me to tears so I feel your pain.


This was ■■■■■■■ live action.

What was worse back in the early 2000’s, Braves in the postseason, down 2-1 in the late innings, 2 on and Mark De Rosa at bat. He fouled off a few pitches and the inning had gone about 15 minutes, so the imbecile at the controls went off to a series of ads…advertising Foxtel shows. They come back and De Rosa has laced a double, putting the Braves in front.

Baseball has plenty of opportunity for advertising, but this buffoon decided to chuck one in. Blasted pitcher probably got pulled after the hit.

I hold grudges.


They do it with the condensed games on the MLB app.
And they’re only 8 mins long.
But ■■■■, show me how the bases got loaded. Don’t have to show every out I guess, but pick the highlights better.


Brewers hold on to win 6-5 in the first game. Now won 12 in a row.

Kershaw left after 4 with the score 5-1, the first being a homer from the opposition pitcher, hitting left-handed. First LH batting pitcher to hit a post-season homer off a LHP since forever.

Dodgers committed 4 errors and came back from 6-1 in the 8th and scored another in the 9th. Turner struck out with Taylor on 3rd.


Dodgers win Game 2 4-3, largely on a 2-run homer by Turner in the 8th.


Come on Astros


my boy reddick gets them rolling in the 9th!