Mlb 2018


That’s CRAZY


No. That’s Boras (his agent) :slight_smile:


Apparently the deal had no-release clauses, so he wasn’t keen. No animosity though as it was a pretty fair deal, just not the terms he wanted.


Ohtani and Acuña Jr win the Rookie of theYear awards.




Braves have signed Brian McCann for $2m 1-yr and allegedly Josh Donaldson $23m 1-yr.

Sounds like Realmuto is just too expensive by way of prospects.


Huge pull for your boys.

Arguably the biggest hitting 3rs baseman in baseball.

Braves will be scary next year.


Need pitchers yet, or the pitching prospects to produce at least one starter and one or two relievers. Wouldn’t say no to Kimbrel coming back where he belongs too.

Possibly another outfielder too, or resign Markakis.


Yankees signed Paxton from Seattle. Strengthens the starters, hopefully means Grey is ■■■■■■ off


Rumors suggest Bum may be on the trade block. Your mob could do worse than pick him…


How badly is he injured? If he was still at the levels he was in 2014, you buggers wouldn’t be letting him go.


Didn’t Donaldson struggle this season to get on the park…23 mill is not bad for him


I think he did OK when he was traded to the Tribe. Depends on whether it’s an old-man injury, or something one-off.

It gives Freeman a huge amount of protection. Admittedly Markakis did that this year too, but no guarantee he’ll be back this year.

Good to split the left-handers anyway.


The issue is all the other ■■■■■■ long term deals that are killing us. Cueto, Samardzija, Longoria, Melancon. Given our new front office they are probably in no mood to pay Bum $20 Million + per year.

As for his injuries, I think they impacted him a lot this year but hopefully he stays fresh for next season.

I think we will trade him in the June deadline to a contender.


Mariners shedding players

INF Jean Segura and RHP Juan Nicasio to the Phillies for 1B Carlos Santana and SS J P Crawford

2B Robinson Canó and RP Edwin Diaz to the Mets for OF Jay Bruce and relievers and prospects

And talk of Nelson Cruz returning to the Rangers


Hahahaha, the mets. Those lovable losers…


Wow. Paul Goldschmidt traded to the Cardinals. Huge.


And Patrick Corbin to the Nats instead of the Yanks


Andrew McCutchen to the Phillies

Troy Tulowitzki cut by the Jays, still owed $38m

Talks of Realmuto to the Mets and Syndergaard to the Yanks


RHP Charlie Morton from the Astros to the Rays
RHP Tanner Roark from the Nats to the Reds
SS Jordy Mercer from the Pirates to the Tigers
1B Justin Bour to the Angels
RHP Lance Lynn to the Rangers

Some of these guys were late season trades

Latest reports have the Phillies getting everybody…Harper, Machado, Kimbrel…aiming to be the first team with a one trillion dollar wage bill.