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Cheers Mate


Heard a funny, if extremely tasteless, remark about the last pitch that Chris Sale threw in the world series.

Edited…yeah, not funny


Yeah nah, that’s not funny at all. But it is extremely tasteless.


Where will Bryce Harper go? Machado? Who will the Astros / Cubs lose from their squads?


I’m tipping Machado to the Phillies or Mets.

Harper to stay in Washington. Most of the really big-money teams already have overloaded outfields. Giants might be the biggest chance.

You’d think McCann would be gone from Houston. Marwin Gonzalez I believe is likely to go.

Cubs - how much longer have Lackey and Lester got. I wonder if they’ll offload Addison Russell because of his other issues.


Lackey wasn’t part of the rotation this year. Lester was still pretty solid.

Yeah think we will have to cut our losses with Russell.


I hope Giants stay away from Harper. We have too many holes to spend $300m on one guy. That said, would LOVE to get Marwin G. Perfect utility player!


Oh geez. During the Red Sox parade someone from the crowd threw an object (a water bottle?) and smashed the WS trophy. Yikes.


Beer can, hit trophy and Cora


At least they didn’t drop the trophy from the top of a double-decker bus…


Probably a disgruntled Yankees fan. Is @Aceman back from o/s yet? I’ll start a conspiracy theory like they did after the Boston Marathon bombing. Catch a criminal quickly and it turns into a conspiracy, not just good investigative skills.


a few people there to point out who did it


Nah, not heading to the US until next year and besides I wouldn’t waste a beer on the Sox


Giants ‘steal’ Farhan Zaidi from the Dodgers to head our front office. Zaidi is an original acolyte of Billy Beane and started off at the A’s. He will have to in quick order determine:

  1. Do we trade MadBum?
  2. Do we go after Bryce Harper?
  3. Is 2019 Bochy’s last season as manager (I think so)?
  4. What happens to Belt? Panik?


If you go Bryce is that enough to push you into contention? He takes a lot of coin


NOPE! I hope we don’t go that route. He will take well north of $35m PER YEAR. We could get 3 decent players for that much. Besides, our issues aren’t one RF away from being fixed…


Or sell MadBum and get some prospects and rebuild


We well might. It will be a sad day :frowning: but probably necessary…


Harper turned down a $300m/ten year deal from the Nats.


Didn’t exactly excel in his free agency season, did he?

Got a lot of tickets on himself, that lad!