MLB 2023

Braves clinch the NL East for the 6th year in a row. Every year the Mets and Phillies gear up and are going to win it. Every year, the Braves win.

Won the series in Philly 3 games to 1 with a 4-1 win today on the back of a 2-run Riley homer, and 3 RBI, and 7 innings 9 K’s from Spencer Strider. Riley the 3rd Brave with 35+ homers, Ozuna hovering on 34 and Albies 29

Finally, Red Sox fire Bloom

Atlanta have celebrated clinching the NL East by losing 4 in a row, the last 3 11-5, 16-4 and 7-1. Admittedly only one of them has been with one of their top 4 pitchers starting.

But they’ll need to snap out of it to give them a good 10 game run in to postseason…and to make sure they don’t lose home field advantage. 4 games clear of the Dodgers.

Wainwright finally wins his 200th game, on his first try. But it took him three months to get 199.

About the only highlight in a pretty miserable year.

Giants absolutely crapped their daks down the stretch. are 5-25 in their last 30 away games. Wasted an amazing season from our ace, Logan Webb.

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Season is done now. So need Ohtani as a FA plus more to compete.

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Olson up to 53 homers now.

Acuna on 39 homers and 68 stolen bases…9 games to go.

Good game bw Phils & Mets.

Mets ahead 1-0 early
Few mistakes from the Mets let Philly back in, then Realmuto puts Phils ahead 4-2

Lindor then Baty homer in the 8th & 9th, 4-4

Mets load the bases, Seranthony strikes out Pete Alonso with bases loaded in the 10th

Then Bohm walks it off, first live batter of the 10th

Cubs led Atlanta 6-0 until Pillar homered, Braves scored 3 in the inning, Acuna 2-run homer then 2 scored bottom 8 when Suzuki dropped a regulation fly ball. With Fried out until the playoffs, and Morton missing the first round they play, the pitching is getting thin. Elder gave up 5 of the 6 Cubs runs.

Orioles beat the Nats 1-0 with the only score coming on a Gunnar Henderson leadoff homer.

There was a story that the whole Braves team OPS was .519, and only 19 individual players had a higher OPS, 5 of them Braves.

And the Brewers win the central in spite of losing to the Cardinals, who are probably going to finish in last place for the first time since 1990.

Ronald Acuna Jr stole his 70th base to enter the 40-70 class on his own, to join his 40-60 and 40-50 class.

Cubs took a 3-1 lead from the 3rd to the 7th. Braves scored on an error, then another in the 8th to tie it. Cubs scored top 9 and Ozuna tied it with his 37th, then Cubs scored again in the 10th. Acuna drove in the inherited runner, stole 2nd and Albies drove him in for the 6-5 win. Battling through the starter shortage, but these errors are putting the Cubs’ playoff chances in jeopardy. Just hanging on to the 3rd wildcard place.

Astros have completely shot the bed last 2 weeks losing multiple series to bottom placed teams .

Won’t be surprised if we miss a wild card spot

Can’t even hide Angel Hernandez at 3rd base.

Said Harper went on a check swing when he was nowhere near it, Harper understandably loses his ■■■■ and gets tossed

Shocker in the Braves Cubs game yesterday. Bellinger fouled it off at the plate on strike 2. Massive deflection downwards. None of the four umpires saw it, Bellinger heads to first and third comes home. Called a passed ball. Not reviewable but all four got together and okayed the call.

Snitker got tossed.

I saw the Hernandez thing. Good lord. He needs to be out of the league.

The sad thing is I think he does this on purpose, because he loves the attention he gets.


A little shocking news as the Giants fire their manager. Gabe Kapler is out. A year before his contract expires. I don’t think they would’ve done this unless they already had a candidate in mind, or potentially even landed. I would love for it to be Bob Melvin.

Cardinals losing 14-2, put Wainwright in as a DH.

He grounds out on the second pitch, with an exit velocity of 102.1 mph, which is the second hardest hit ball of anyone in the entire Cardinals lineup all night.

Bobby Witt Jr first Royals player in history to hit 30 home runs and steal 30 bases in a season. Also first player in MLB history to hit 30 homers, 10 triples and 45 steals. Kid is going to be a star.

The Royals sweep the Astros, then get swept by the Tigers and then put up 8 runs without registering an out against the Yankees. That’s normal, yeah?

Hopefully he stays with them George Brett and Salvy Perez style.

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Letting Rodon walk was one of the only good moves my Giants made this year.