MLB 2024

LA spent over US$1 Billion this offseason.

I will laugh my arse off if they don’t win the WS! My prediction:

NL Champion: Atlanta
AL Champion: Houston

WS: Atlanta

My Giants will be lucky to sneak in to a Wild Card :frowning:

Unfortunately for us Giants fans I cannot see is winning over 60 games.

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I’m just hoping my Padres finish higher than the A’s!

Our only expectation should be to finish above Colorado in the West :cry:

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Go Twins!

This price rise is ■■■■■■■ criminal!

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Brandon Crawford signs for the Cardinals. I guess your mob will use him as a backup @StealthBomber

As discussed in the Kayo thread, you might want to look at one of the IPTV providers.

It’s a very grey area, but for a fraction of the cost you get access to all the MLB Teams channels and MLB Network (as well as ton more of TV channels).

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Yeah I saw this. Obviously not banking on Edman being healthy.

He’ll fit right in with our geriatric roster.

Giants get Blake Snell. Repeat, Giants get the reigning Cy Young winner. How?!?!?

This story is insane. Not going to make any insinuations but something just doesn’t smell right.

Another underwhelming Yankees season ahead

Could you post the gist of it for us here to save having to trawl through all the posts in that thread please?

That’s bad news for Padres supporters. I think the commentary team for SD is the best so prefer watching their games even though they may have trouble finishing above Colorado this year.

Opening Day is here.

KC have been busy over the off season. Hopefully we don’t completely suck again.

Padres beat Giants 6-4


*Also keen to see how many Oakland A’s fans are in the car park, as opposed to in the stadium, as part of the Fans’ boycott.

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Arizona crash 14 runs in the third against Colorado

O’Neill starts well for Boston with 5 years straight now of HRs opening day.

Solid win from the kids.

Bryce Harper with 3 HRs today including a grand slam

Man the Dodgers look like an absolute juggernaut. Which should make the eventual collapse in the postseason just so much more enjoyable.