MLB 2024

I will have lost interest by then as a Giants fan.

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Having watched the last 3 nights, I am already there. Just turned down tix to the home opener on Friday. Not worth the 90min drive in to the city.

Yeah I’m like that with the dons. Need to see more to commit to going.

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OFFICIALLY the last season of the Athletics in Oakland.

The piece of (redacted) John Fisher announced overnight that from 2025-2027 his broke ass team will play in the AAA Ball Park in West Sacramento, before their planned move to Vegas in 2028.

Feel badly for A’s fans who’ve had their team ripped away from them, after years of their piece of (redacted) owner failing to spend on the team and its facilities.

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Oakland losing the Warriors, Raiders, and A’s in less than 5yrs :eyes:

With the way US sport is operated I’m not sure why anyone is surprised when when owners draw stumps and move to other locations.
These clubs are really businesses and owners have to do what is on their best interest and if that means relocating to make money then so be it unfortunately

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And to your point, this from KNBR is a really good piece about the “unwritten social contract” sports owners have with their cities.

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Sacramento has the opportunity to do the funniest thing possible.

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I hope they do! The ownership of the NBA Kings is stellar and could swoop in!

That’s a nice park they got even if it is small. I’d try and sell that experience as being intimate, at least until the novelty wears off.

And from Oakland it’s what; an hour or so up the freeway?

Doesn’t seem to be much worse than having to go to Santa Clara.

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Pretty doable from Oakland and even closer to where a lot of the A’s fans live all across the East Bay. Santa Clara is a nightmare to get to by comparison (for example, if you are a Niners fan who lives in SF or further north).

Bad news for Atlanta. Spencer Strider looks like he needs Tommy John.

But yesterday came back from 5-2 down to win 6-5 in extras, and today were down 6-0 and came back to win 9-8.

Angel Hernandez is horrific


Only took about a week for him to make negative headlines.

Can’t believe this clown continues to work.

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Padres come back from 8-0 down against the Cubs to win 8-9!!! :trophy:

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Royals have won 7 in a row including a 9 run, 11 hit first inning today against the Astros.

Not sure how long this will last but it’s refreshing not completely sucking every game.

On fire today


Whitey Herzog has passed, age 92.

I became a Cardinals fan, despite growing up mostly in Royals and later Brewers/Cubs territory, because of two people - My dad, and Whitey Herzog.

Whitey took over the Cards as both manager and GM in 1980 and immediately overhauled the entire roster, turning them into a team built for the Astroturf era of the 80s, based on defense and blazing speed. Guys who hit for high average from both sides of the plate, stole dozens of bases, could score from second base on sac flies and could sustain rallies by way of walks, stolen bases, and doubles and triples.

The home run was secondary, if not tertiary. Tom Herr’s 1985 season where he hit 8 home runs but had 110 RBIs will probably never happen again.

And they all were super athletic in the field and played gold glove defense - Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee, Vince Coleman.

To me it is the ideological opposite of today’s three outcome baseball and why I find it so refreshing and nostalgic. And something of an anachronism now, but something which I remember with fondness.

It was ultimately successful, although they probably should have won at least one more World Series with it. We won’t talk about the two that they lost, especially the first one.