Mobile Version is UnBjorked




When you press an avatar to see what a reply was made to, it isn’t as it is in desktop version. Instead, it takes you to the originating post.



You have a Samsung S7???

Didn’t you feel some sort of moral obligation to let us know that before we stood within 5 feet of you the other day?? :wink:


No No No No!!! (yes)


How are they not issues?

Both things don’t happen elsewhere, … didn’t happen with Vanilla, … and are a total PITA.

Hard to think that discourse have intended it to be that way, when it’s so opposite to the norm.


It’s how Discourse works and how a lot of apps work.


That seems odd.

They are happy that whenever you might want to zoom an image to view detail for example,… instead of seeing that, you get a screen full of banner??

You’d think the way Vanilla worked would be the ideal, and the standard … surely.

Would just seem stupid to think, … nah, this way is better.


I actually added the sticky banner to vanilla. That wasn’t a default.


Any idea Riolio? Do I try and change my password again and then try login with the new password just to be sure?


Try that. I’m really not sure of the cause of your problem


I dislike the way the hidden quoting works on mobile. Probably nothing can be done about it anyway.

On PC when you click on an avatar for the hidden quote, the quote appears just above with an arrow to go that spot on the page.

On mobile it just jumps straight to the old post, losing your spot, and being a real pain to find where you were. Stops the flow of your reading.


also, for me (Chrome on Iphone), the quote button appears as soon as you highlight any text, and does not update if you expand the selection.

It’s probably because Apple sucks balls.


It’s Chrome sucking balls. Works in Safari on iPhone.


I’ll give it a go.



Even better. Much obliged.


I’ve been noticing increasing instability on Android/Chrome.

  1. Swipe down to refresh isn’t working any more

  2. Reply box regularly wigs out and won’t allow you to navigate freely within the box or hit reply or abandon. If you refresh it seems to fix it. It seems to happen if I accidentally bump something in the tool bar or I try to copy/paste text in the reply box.

It’s hard to tie it down exactly and I’ll try to come up with a more precise explanation of when it happens.


Had the same thing happen to me last few days on android as well, thought the phone was going to explode…(may be overstating the effects)


Also having trouble on iPhone.

Doesn’t go to first unread post anymore it just goes straight to the bottom of the page.

Doesn’t show notifications either.


Lots of problems on desktop too, when you hit the ellipsis to reveal options for a post. Clicks get diverted to a different location than where you, indeed, clicked (e.g. I try to hit ‘bookmark’ but instead ‘delete’ to its right get hit instead).

Perhaps a side effect of the recent font size inflation?