Mobile Version is UnBjorked


For me yes to the first, nope to the second.


Swipe down to refresh hadn’t worked on the new forum. Ever. It’s live threads


Yeah there’s a few odd things going on due to a big update on the back end.


Yes it has. It would give me a note saying X new replies and then I’d refresh.


I can’t believe Bjork would ever be used in a derogatory sense.


I should clarify that is in the forum menu not the thread which updates live as you say


Alot of times on Firefox when I click into a thread, after scrolling it will automatically open up in a new tab, back to the home screen.

Not 100% certain but I think it happens when a new post in the thread has a gif


Is the site semi broken? I’m clicking links and nothing really happens and it doesn’t take me anywhere.


Now that shouldn’t be happening


May be the same bug as I noted above on desktop Safari, where the click area is not the same as the icon/text. That at least is not an issue on mobile, for me.

(Note: I use a larger than usual default and minimum font size. I haven’t tried shrinking them to see if that problem persists. The problem is much newer than my font choices, though.)


Refresh working again.

I think what seems to be breaking the reply box is accident touching the thread title at the top of the box. Thing is you can go nowhere near pressing it and it will seem to register a click for it.


Another little bug for you - on android in chrome if i go into a thread i’m reading it takes me to two posts after the last post I read - so i have to scroll back up to check what i have missed.

It’s liveable but worth mentioning.


Thread title should be changed to first world problems thread


Still happening


Whatever you just did seems to have fixed mobile


for android at least… (i’m on android) idc about ios.


Yeah see other thread. I’ve overhauled the theme. That has made some new issues but hopefully solved some others.




Categories in the drop menu have been reduced. Makes navigation trickier, have I mucked with a setting accidentally?


Nah ran some theme updates this week and it happened. Will take a look at it some time.