Moderator change. err, a Reboot

After what I suspect would be several years and god knows how much work, 'Boot has taken a break from Modding this madhouse. So don’t bother harassing him with forum stuff. Hopefully he now gets to enjoy the boards simply for what they are.

Many thanks , mate, for your efforts and letting the place run in what has been an extraordinary time. I doubt if any of us out of the loop appreciate just how much work it takes. Though some idiot might be about to find out…

thanks Boot! You've done an enormous amount of work, and it's very much appreciated :)

Oh Sal… You didn’t, did you?

And yeah, three cheers for Reboot. Apparently he was a very happy-go-lucky type of character before he was a mod here…

Thanks for your efforts Boot. It’s very much appreciated.

MUTLEY for mod.

Now he can't swear anymore.



Ps, cheers reboot, and the others of course.

Thanks for all your work 'boot, hopefully you can now get back to enjoying this place for a bit!

Thanks Boot! Taking the much needed Reboot?


Congratulations to Saladin on the new mod status!

Boot was a MUCH better Blitz mod than he was a Blitz coach :smiley:

Does he get to keep his profanity anti-filter?

Yeah, Reboot, thanks for banning me all those times. And the semi-frequent liking of my posts.


Gutted I've been overlooked for the top job though.

Reboot was a mod now?

But srsly, good work Reboot.

Most of the clips Boot gave me made me a better poster, most.


Thanks Boot.

So long, and thanks for all the fish. 

Did Boot ever end up eating anyones balls, as Partypole once told him to?


Nice work mate.

Thank you people. Most generous.



Good luck sal.

So who is going to banhammer boot?

Just in case all these platitudes embarrass you, 'boot:

Stiff ■■■■.*

You deserve 'em.

  • Ha, it works.

So who is going to banhammer boot?

Something freaky going on. Tried to use the ban button and it recoiled away with hands covering head in terror crying " no more, no more". What the hell? Someone'■■■■■ this thing hard.....