proposal outcome: accepted

proposal feedback: mother’s day date feels like a no-brainer here

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I would like to propose an amendment to the US round. Hear me out:

The game is played in Hawaii on the anniversary of Pearl Harbour.

Bombers v Dockers.

Worst on ground receives the Pig Iron Bob Menzies medal, because all that iron Bob sold to the Japanese in the lead up to WWII really hurt us on the turnover.

Festivities: Christian Women’s Association re-enactment club explodes the ■■■■ out of a bunch of infrastructure for the benefit of interested spectators.


refer to feedback on heffgirl’s proposal in post number 3

Please stop giving the AFL ideas.

proposal outcome: accepted

proposal feedback: would need to be at an outdoor stadium in order to attract actual seagulls

proposal outcome: accepted

proposal feedback: perfect. no notes.

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ah yep, very good. bulk of the crowd leaving at 3/4 time would then make sense.

happy to accept following above amendments.

With a mother’s day game feel there should be a father’s day one too.

Problem father’s day is first sunday in September.
we could lobby politicians to change the holiday date.

or demand our week 1 finals game be on the sunday.

bit arrogant to make our final about us but meh.

opposition - whoever makes week 1 finals

what do you get?
beer & spirits 50% off.
Pies and chips buy 1 get 1 free.
free pair of club of choice socks and jocks to first 5000 through gate 1.
surcharge of 10% added to week 1 tickets to offset the food/drink costs.

Consulting with PwC as we speak.

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The ARNIE game
Essendon V Brisbane
Summoning Leigh Mathews “If it bleeds we can kill it”.
last weekend in July (Arnie’s Bday July 30).
Every year a different Arnold Schwarzenegger film can be the theme.
Inaugural game - Predator, home team wears camo and comes out covered in mud

Sheeds told a packed audience the other night to expect Essendon v someone in California within 5 years.

He was quite enthusiastic by this stage.

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I mean i dont feel that strongly about it.

But unsure about the whole kings birthday marquee game.

  1. Sunday night footy sucks even on a long weekend.
  2. The whole royals things a bit polarising.

One Marquee game id like to see every year is an u18 clash on fathers day.

Not sure how it lines up with school exams and holidays but the first week in september it would be a nice bye game or lead in to week 1 AFL final.

Think it could be special as a lot of years you might feature a few father sons in it.

Last Round of the season to be locked in as the No Travel Round. Every year the teams to play will be:

WCE vs Freo
Adel vs PA
Bris vs GC
Syd vs GWS
WB vs Geel
Ess vs North
Haw vs StK
Rich vs Melb
Coll vs Carl

Lock it in Simmo

4:40pm on a Sunday against North is a block buster, isn’t it?

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40,000 people at Marvel on Sunday say YES, it is now.


We will keep having the pre finals bye so no worries re travel.

The fixture is too fixed as it is.

And when theres 19 sides its gonna get even more complicated

Not sure if it’s part of the joke but St Kilda have been given 2 matches during Irrelevant Rivals round :joy:


“This stage” being half way into his third bottle of red wine?

I don’t mind Hawaii for an exhibition game if they have an oval.

7.30pm their time would be mid afternoon hours, around lunchtime for WA.

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Proposal: Marquee round, where teams play under a marquee.


Yes thats kind of what i was getting ast.

Never meet your heroes after their third bottle of red wine.

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